• Brian Zaik, 7 years ago

    I just tried it out on my iPad Pro. It's a complete revamp and is so much more than a facelift. I can see this supporting my workflow in much better ways than the web app.

    The app now lets you open prototypes for any device, not just ones for the device you are using. This is a big deal, because now all my projects are accessible from my tablet and phone (including desktop).

    A new Launchpad has been introduced to provide quick access to specific prototypes. I haven't tried it out yet but it sounds cool.

    Multitasking on iOS - including split screen support - means that I can pull up my prototypes alongside Slack and Notability.

    COMMENTS CAN FINALLY BE ADDED FROM MOBILE! That's a big deal for my team, and the mobile UX worked well for me on the iPad Pro when I tried it. All comments seem to be visible, and you can place new ones anywhere on the screen.

    Prototypes are downloaded locally to the device, which means that there is no longer downtime from having to constantly download new screens. That should really help with testing on mobile (note that with this update, you need to trigger recording from the web app - I assume they'll fix that soon.)

    I haven't tried the new update on Apple Watch to see if that user experience has changed any.

    Overall, I am very impressed based on my limited time with the app this evening. I'm super excited to try it out this week at work and applaud InVision for really stepping up their game. I'll post any issues I run into as I start using it.

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  • Billy Kiely, 7 years ago

    Thanks Brian! We're excited where this new iOS app is headed. Right now it's still somewhat of a silent release as we continue to round out the experience and features... we just couldn't sit on this as it's a significant boost to performance :)

    You'll notice regular updates and improvements coming between now and when we release the fuller vision of the app.

    There's also a feedback form in app, we really value your comments / suggestions to help us build a great iOS experience.

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    • Jonathan KimseyJonathan Kimsey, 7 years ago

      Hey Billy! Is the mobile app only geared toward contributors or can reviewers use it too? I ask cause we just added our copywriter to our team and she is able to access projects and comment via the desktop app but she isn't seeing anything on the mobile app.

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      • Billy Kiely, 7 years ago

        Hey Jonathan, this is something we're smoothing out - please bear with us, your copywriter should have access come the next update :)

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  • Roy van RooijenRoy van Rooijen, 7 years ago

    I'm curious what tool they used to prototype the on boarding flow.

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  • Marcus Proietti, 7 years ago

    And why is there no Android app again? I know most designers are on the iOS bandwagon, but really?

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  • Philip AmourPhilip Amour, 7 years ago

    Great step forward; however it's a shame inVision didn't get the interaction on TabBar items right. :(

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