Ask DN: I'm a designer. Will attending Facebook F8 be useful for me?

over 6 years ago from , Voice of K-2SO

I just got the invite for Facebook F8. But I'm thinking if it'll be any useful for us designers? I'll be flying from India. So I'll have to plan a bit. I'll either attend Google IO or Facebook F8.

What do you say, DN?

Cheers, Bilal


  • Brandon SoubaBrandon Souba, over 6 years ago

    I attended F8 a few years ago when I worked at Facebook.You'll get some free stuff, which could be nice. Diplo played the after party. I didn't attend any of the design talks. It seemed mainly focused on engineering. Unless you have a business that uses Facebook's features or tools - I would recommend attending a design focused conference.

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    • Bilal Mohammed, over 6 years ago

      I'm a computer science engineer-turned-designer. So I've always found myself intrigued at the intersection of design and engineering. I kinda have a feeling (after looking at the sessions & watching a bunch of F8 videos) that it's going to be an interesting experience for me. Just that, there's too little design in the whole 2-day agenda.

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  • Thompson GeorgeThompson George, over 6 years ago

    It's Facebook, how good could it be.

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    • Ix TechauIx Techau, over 6 years ago

      Well from a design perspective they are killing it. So obviously they must have some information worth knowing about. I would love to hear their designers talk about what decisions go into A/B testing, etc.

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      • Bilal Mohammed, over 6 years ago

        These were exactly my thoughts. Design team at Facebook is one of the best in the market right now. And designing at such a massive scale is a completely different ball-game altogether.

        So being at Flipkart, we are designing for 60million users here. So I thought there might be something for me at F8.

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  • Jonathan SimcoeJonathan Simcoe, over 6 years ago

    Good question. I'd like to hear someone smarter than me answer.

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  • Justin Hernandez, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

    Nope. What are you looking to get out of attending? Classes? Networking? New Skills? Considering the distance and investment my gut tells me your time and money might be better spent on things that directly relate to your goals.

    But hey, I'm sure they throw a decent party with all that money.

    edit: this came off like I am a hater, which I am not. Just offering advice!

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  • Dominik SchmidtDominik Schmidt, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

    So, I think it could be interesting to anyone. Designers, Non-Designers, Hybrids, Non-Web People. The question is, if you want to attend. It's a developer conference, but I think there are also demos of the Oculus and some more things and you can collect some contacts there. Other than that, just watch some of the videos from previous F8's and see if you like the content. If yes, then go for it. If not, go to Google IO.

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  • Robin RaszkaRobin Raszka, over 6 years ago


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