Ask DN: Are there any examples of giphy usage in email marketing and what are the legal implications?

almost 7 years ago from , Prototyper

I'm starting to see giphy extensions for email clients, browsers, messaging apps, blog posts, etc.., mailchimp just added giphy so you can embed them into your templates, twitter added a giphy search feature for your tweets. Giphy is value at $300m What is the legal implications and can it be used freely in email marketing? Do we need to clear them with the shows or films that the gifs were clipped from? Is it consider sampling?


  • Alec LomasAlec Lomas, almost 7 years ago

    Not sure about email specifically, but Digit sends me gifs occasionally that I have to assume were taken from the Giphy API (including at least one from a Disney property). Not sure about legal side of things, tho

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    • Mal S, almost 7 years ago

      Yes I also got a Giphy from digit via SMS, It's when you saved $100 you get this Image alt

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