Hey DN, It’s Time for Another Meetup!

over 7 years ago from , sometimes Maxwell

We had an awesome turnout at last year’s event in San Francisco, thank you again to everyone who joined us, thus we’re excited for more including new faces in new places.

Initial planning for the next few Designer News Meetups are well underway, but before we make any official announcements we want a little feedback from you!

Where? - Internally, we’re slowly but surely narrowing down our list.

  • Where do you think the next event should be? (we’ll gladly travel based on demand :)

(Subsequently, anyone anxious to get involved with sponsorships, venues, speakers…you name it, send me an email - max@designernews.co)

What? - Casual, happy hour style meetups where you can chit-chat with your fellow DN community is great, but what else sounds intriguing?

  • Talks?
  • Workshops?
  • Demos?
  • Something else entirely?

As always, your feedback is much appreciated! Feel free to leave a comment, or send me an email directly - max@designernews.co.