• Jocelyn Richard, 7 years ago

    Terrific, thanks for sharing ! I don't know if it's because it's a game rather than products we're more used to see (eg web apps), but the thinking behind the style guide seems to go beyond the usual trite statements, eg "our brand is minimalist and true". I find appreciable how, in accordance with its stated goal of immersion, the guide itself is focused on the final "feel" rather than on the technical or detailed properties of UI components.

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    • David Díaz, 7 years ago

      Yeah, I found it pretty interesting myself. It's not completely unlike what we do on the web, before reading it I had never considered typography in games or gave much thought to how important a solid ui is to core gameplay. I really need to start paying more attention.

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  • Joe HsuJoe Hsu, 7 years ago

    I played over beta weekend and the UI felt and integrated well with the environment. Lots of lines used with varying widths.

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  • David DarnesDavid Darnes, 7 years ago

    The fact this even exists is great, there was definitely some effort that was put into this game.

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  • Bevan StephensBevan Stephens, 7 years ago

    Lovely stuff, very very interesting to see how this kind of thing is treated on mediums other than the web.

    I'd love to see more examples of video game style guides.

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