Ask DN: UX feedback for my first app Jukebox (iOS)

over 6 years ago from , Software engineer

I also posted this in the Design + Code Facebook group (sorry if you've seen this already).

Hey everyone! I'm looking for some UX feedback (I'm an engineer by trade) on my first iOS app with React Native. It's an offline music player for your Dropbox. If you have a spare moment, take a look and let me know! The next version, which is waiting for app store review, allows importing by folder & will run much smoother if you have a lot of music. Here's v1.0 and here's the feedback from Product Hunt. Thank you!


  • Onur SentureOnur Senture, over 6 years ago

    Hello! Your app looks good. Congratulations... :) Here are my feedbacks:

    • Request permission for only one folder, if it's possible.
    • If the user doesn't allow Dropbox permission request, the app goes back to the last screen of the tutorial with infinite loading GIF.
    • You may consider not to writing song names in the first screen of the tutorial to increase readability. (Ex: http://best-web-design-tools.com/resources/blokk/)

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