Best monitor for a MacBook Pro

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Hi DN Guys!

I've a Macbook Pro with a 22inch acer monitor who is dying daily. I'm looking for a high quality replacement monitor and I'm going crazy. Don't know if 27' will be ok or should I go to 32'. What brands are best? I always read good reviews about Dell monitors. I will use it for graphic design, so I need it with a high quality panel and colors. At this moment I'm using this http://www.amazon.es/Acer-K242HL-Monitor-alimentación-integrada/dp/B00HVYBU6Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1449659316&sr=8-1&keywords=acer+k242hl and pixels looks so bad, without definition. My budget will be around 350-400€


  • Paul RiehlePaul Riehle, almost 6 years ago

    One more for the Dell U2715H. Great quality and around your price range.

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  • Duarte Carrilho da GraçaDuarte Carrilho da Graça, almost 6 years ago

    If big pixels are bothering you, then the Dell U2515H could be a really good option. It's the same resolution of the (non-retina) iMac 27", but at 25" which feels a lot crisper, and its still a comfortably large screen, especially if you're coming from 22"

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  • Dino KuznikDino Kuznik, almost 6 years ago

    I am using a Dell P2715Q ... It is not as nicely designed as the U2515H, but the screen is a super nice IPS. I recommend it if you are looking for an affordable 4k monitor for design work. You don't need to use the 4k resolution (I don't), because everything is just to small - but it has an upscale option - which is great.

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    • Doug OrchardDoug Orchard, almost 6 years ago

      Same here, running it both at the office and at home. Very happy with this product.

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    • Hans van de BruggenHans van de Bruggen, almost 6 years ago

      Going to echo this sentiment. If you're working on mobile, you should really be using a HiDPI/Retina display. There's a good handful of 4K at 60Hz displays available for <$600 these days. The Dell P2715Q and the BenQ BL2711U are good options.

      Crucial to use a DisplayPort 1.2 cable though, as it'll drop the framerate to a painful 30Hz without it.

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  • Max GlenisterMax Glenister, almost 6 years ago

    I've been using a Dell U2515H with my 2015 13" rMBP and love it. Near borderless and 2560x1440 resolution. Supports Thunderbolt too!

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  • Some DesignerSome Designer, almost 6 years ago

    dell ultrasharp. /thread

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  • Nique Woodhouse, almost 6 years ago

    I got a Dell U2715H 27 inch LCD Monitor http://amzn.to/1U8DgJ4 (UK store). Good colour. Great resolution.

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  • Andrea MontiniAndrea Montini, almost 6 years ago

    Just bought yesterday an AOC U3277PQU 32" Black :) Looks so promising. 4K, IPS Panel, 1MLD colors 10-bit at an affordable price.

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  • Chris JahnChris Jahn, almost 6 years ago

    I'm happy with my LG 34UM95C. Best thing for a Macbook Pro is the thunderbolt-connection, because you just daisy chain your external hdd and ethernet to the monitor. One cable to rule them all… oh, and the screen is gorgeous!

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  • Vasil EnchevVasil Enchev, almost 6 years ago

    Have anyone considered this crazy 40" mofo? http://www.amazon.com/Philips-Computer-Monitor-3840x2160-Truevision/dp/B00UBCVY02

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  • Jacob Penderworth, almost 6 years ago

    Didn't see it mentioned here yet, so I just wanted to mention the Dell P2415Q. It's a 4K monitor and I absolutely love it. Defined colors, matte display, uses DisplayPort/Mini, and is just plain wonderful. I've really been enjoying it for the past month.

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  • Terry GillespieTerry Gillespie, almost 6 years ago

    +1 for the DELL U2715H Display. I bought it after reading the Wirecutter review. http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-27-inch-monitor/

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  • Philipp K, almost 6 years ago

    Eizo is the way to go.

    Eizo ColorEdge CG277 http://www.eizoglobal.com/products/coloredge/cg277/index.html


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  • Daniel MuiDaniel Mui, almost 6 years ago

    I was using a Dell monitor before, they're really great. I recently moved onto a LG 34UC97 21:9 monitor. It's really great after calibration, sure theres a little bit of light bleed on some edges but the resolution and colour is amazing. It's a tad pricey, but oh so worth

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  • Alex ChanAlex Chan, almost 6 years ago

    I'm a big fan of Dell's UltraSharp IPS displays. They have a lot of connectors (specifically Displayport) and the color and build quality are top notch. The display is also matte which is a huge plus for me.

    In the US, you can regularly find these at $250 for a 24" 16:10 model. There was recently a sale on their refurb ones too.

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  • Damian SamolejDamian Samolej, almost 6 years ago

    Dell U2715H is the best option and price is pretty good for that quality.

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  • spencer syfrig, almost 6 years ago

    It's not in your mentioned price range, but our office switched to the Dell UP2715k 5k monitors recently and love them.

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  • Taylor Van OrdenTaylor Van Orden, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

    I have bought 2 korean monitors in the past 4 years. Both work perfectly to this day. 27" 4k resolution and both were $299.00 with freeshipping. These panels are the same ones being used in most 4k monitors these days for a fraction of the price. I bought both from dreamseller on ebay and they arrived in LA withing 2 days. It was insane.

    The second one i got has thunderbolt which is awesome. The first had a Dual DVI which works fine but the apple connector was another $100 and is a piece of shit and itll eat up a usb port.

    edit: The second monitor I bought off amazon (the one that works directly from thunderbolt):

    QNIX QX2710 LED Evolution ll DPmulti TRUE10 [Matte] 27" 2560x1440 10bit QHD Monitor Sold by: ECOMADE ARENA $286.90

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  • Simone Simone , almost 6 years ago

    The aforementioned Dell U2715H is probably your best option. The reality is that you'll have to get used to a way less brighter screen compared to an ACD or an iMac. Probably not such a big difference if you're coming from a laptop screen or a lesser display anyway.

    Alternatively Ebay an used ACD, there's tons out there.

    Wouldn't bother with 4/5k unless you're looking to buy a hideous 40", you'll probably run it at half the resolution anyway (at retina, so to speak) and won't get much benefit (twice the anti-aliasing for twice the price ;)

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    • Renārs VilnisRenārs Vilnis, almost 6 years ago

      Why run half resolution? OS X handles high-res monitors very nice, but for a comfortable experience a dedicated video card is required.

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      • Simone Simone , almost 6 years ago

        What i mean Is that natively a 5k iMac runs at 2560, not 5120. You can probably push it to 5120 with some add-ons, but at 5120 on a 27" the physical size of single pixel will be way too small (this is a speculation, I don't have a 5k iMac so if anyone has it running at full Res please correct me, but that's also why Apple doesn't enable it out of the box). If you need to view a single pixel (which you should if you design on it) then you either bump up the screen size up to a dimension where physical pixels are visible (seems that 40" is about right, but again that's based on quick research) or you cut your resolution in half, which effectively gives you a normal iMac, that uses 4 physical pixels to display one on screen instead of one, therefore the only benefit is in text antialiasing. Unless you're editing 4K video (but then again you'd get a big screen for that) I don't see the reason to get a Retina display on any screen you'll be viewing at more than a few inches away

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        • Renārs VilnisRenārs Vilnis, almost 6 years ago

          Hold your horses, changing the scaling of windows on OSX to make the UI bigger, as 4k UI is for ants. But it doesn't reduce the resolution, it does the opposite. OSX increases the resolution, It's a trick that makes bigger UI without compensating sharpness. If you take a screenshot on a 4k monitor with the relative scaling at middle, that ships with computers by default, the size of screenshot will be bigger then 4k, its called Resolution independence. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resolution_independence#OS_X

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          • Simone Simone , almost 6 years ago

            Resolution independence doesn't really address my concern though: all I'm saying is that if you run a 27" at 5120 is plausible to argue that 1pt = 1px will be very hard to see on the screen, that's all :)

            It would be worth looking at interstitial resolutions, but i'm afraid that the upscaling not being by a whole integer might not be beneficial for design applications.

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  • Paul TrottPaul Trott, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

    If you're keen on dell and are serious about colour accuracy, make sure to go with their PremierColor range of monitors. They are EXCELLENT.

    If you want to save some cash, the dell U2715H is good.

    Disclaimer: I have (two)PremierColor 27" at home and work.

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  • Adam Hayman, almost 6 years ago

    +1 on Dell. I don't use one but they seem to be the go-to for people not wanting to shell out the $$$ for a thunderbolt display. Try this guy: http://amzn.to/1YYy4Kg

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  • Igor StumbergerIgor Stumberger, almost 6 years ago

    I have the Dell UltraSharp U2715H and it's really amazing. I have seen that for a bit more $ you can get their 4K, which is an amazing price if you ask me. Had several Dell monitors and they never let me down.

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  • Kyle MitchellKyle Mitchell, almost 6 years ago

    I use two dell 24" and they are great. Couldn't be happier with them.

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  • David Thurgood, almost 6 years ago

    Yeah current Dell screens are great, don't use one currently but did last year and would recommend.

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