• M. AppelmanM. Appelman, 6 years ago


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  • Bob MullerBob Muller, 6 years ago

    Would love to see how this works for web projects as well!

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    • Matt WalkerMatt Walker, 6 years ago

      Yeah I don't get all these tools that focus solely on mobile. People still have to design software/websites for desktop.

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      • Aby Nimbalkar, 6 years ago

        Yup. Being diligent product people (and being a tiny team of two), we decided to start with a smaller audience. We're not even fully mobile-focussed right now. We're iOS only! We have some solid plans for Android and web, and what you see in the videos is just scratching the surface :)

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  • Ruben BosRuben Bos, 6 years ago

    Promising. Combine this with Fluid for Sketch, and it nearly works the same as Storyboards from Xcode. So whose going to make that 'convert to Xcode plug-in'? :-)

    In other news: there goes the USP of Adobe Project Comet.

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    • T. F., 6 years ago

      Regarding USP of Comet: No, not really. Only once Sketch adds “dynamic symbols", e.g. symbols which are CSS like, which can be duplicated, spaced with margins and feed with external data that Comet will be endangered. ( just a small hint for Sktech 4 )

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  • Marko VuleticMarko Vuletic, 6 years ago

    When I think Sketch community couldn't get any better this happens. Congrats on the launch! This is such a workflow booster. I simply love that you we don't have to switch between a million of tools anymore!

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  • Joseph Decker, 6 years ago

    A great way to show Sketch a possible direction they should aim for (if they're not doing that already). I believe that prototyping should be integrated into the design software, since it's not just about creating "screens" anymore.

    I would love to see an extra "preview" option via the browser, to avoid double work in order to share a prototype with clients for feedback/presentation. For now, Invision will do just fine :).

    Keep up the cool work!

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  • Cody IddingsCody Iddings, 6 years ago

    Can't wait to try it out. @Andrey could you give DN access to the beta?

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  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, 6 years ago

    looks like a direct rip of adobe's project comet. and i mean that in a good way.

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  • Murat MutluMurat Mutlu, 6 years ago

    Been waiting for someone to do this! Looks great!

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  • cliff nowickicliff nowicki, 6 years ago

    No that it matters, but I've been using Photoshop and I refuse to get buggy sketch. Can you smell the bias? but having the ability to prototype your design is...amazing. Sure you can do that in comet, but its not like they're using photoshop. Am I right to say that using your full polished sketch design will be transformed into an instant prototype?

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    • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, 6 years ago

      You might wanna try UI design in Illustrator. You get all the vector benefits of Sketch, and artboards, and much more powerful drawing tools. The only downside is worse snapping to points and poor bitmap rendering/anti-aliasing, but those aren't as important for prototyping.

      Honestly after switching to Illustrator I can't stand using Photoshop for UI design or prototyping.

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  • Account deleted 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    Shut up and take my email address!

    But seriously...can't wait to take it for a spin.

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  • Adam Whipple, 6 years ago

    This is great! They've got a nice writeup and some examples here as well.

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  • Cody IddingsCody Iddings, 6 years ago

    Andrey, one more question: If a team is already using Invision, would this tool still be a good idea to replace, used in concurrence, or stick with Invision?

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  • Johan Ronsse, 6 years ago

    Wow. Didn't know you could go this far GUI-wise when it comes to Sketch plugins.

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  • Tyrale BloomfieldTyrale Bloomfield, 6 years ago

    I hope this gets bought by Sketch.

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  • Nikki Bryan EnriquezNikki Bryan Enriquez, 6 years ago

    Hot damn!

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  • John Sherwin, 6 years ago

    Nice one!

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  • Justin SchuelerJustin Schueler, 6 years ago

    Whoop, how cool's that!

    fyi: I'am getting this in Safari, no matter wich mail I use or how often I try: "Too many subscribe attempts for this email address. Please try again in about 5 minutes. (#8394)" - Works in Chrome.

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  • Arjun PenemetsaArjun Penemetsa, 6 years ago

    This is awesome... hopefully we see more of this consolidation/integration across products...waiting for invite...

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  • joe andersonjoe anderson, 6 years ago

    With this and the custom data connector plugins i've seen, I'm starting to think that mobile apps can truly be built in sketch (with a port to xcode). As long as they aren't too complex which most mobile apps tend to be

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  • Joel CalifaJoel Califa, 6 years ago


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  • Jason CalleiroJason Calleiro, 6 years ago

    Can't wait to try this out!

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  • Vincent MillikenVincent Milliken, 6 years ago

    This is awesome!

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  • Mariusz OstrowskiMariusz Ostrowski, 6 years ago


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  • George PapadakisGeorge Papadakis, 6 years ago

    If thi WON'T blow your mind, take my word for it, nothing will :-)

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