• Ross Merritt, over 7 years ago

    First glimpse of the complete site and branding overhaul of our news network, Asian Correspondent and Latin Correspondent, which receive millions of visitors worldwide each month.

    The new sites were created from scratch to best accommodate the content now being produced, to suit the way the editors work and to speed up what was previously a slow and cumbersome beast! More focus is placed on the individual contributors, with a ‘Correspondents block’ on the homepage featuring sketches produced by a very talented artist in the US.

    We're now already working hard on a 'phase 2' release with many more features and improvements to come.

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  • Sander VisserSander Visser, over 7 years ago

    Nice work! I like how the header shows the article title when you scroll down.

    I've got some questions/tips though:

    • Is there a reason that the links in the topbar are in a different order on both sites?

    • I personally think that the articles are just a bit too wide, it makes me lose focus when I'm on 3/4 of the line.

    • The social icons in the footer are unsharp at my retina screen. You might want to make them 2x or svg. Other images and texts is really sharp, so it creates quite a contrast.

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    • Ross Merritt, over 7 years ago

      Thanks for your comments Sander, much appreciated. The top links were ordered by the respective editors, but I will bring this up, and I will be sorting the 2x icons now!

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