• Rory Smyth, over 7 years ago

    Can't get it to work on 3.4 or 3.3.3

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  • Bady QbBady Qb, over 7 years ago

    This looks really useful. I just wondering what's the key difference with this? https://github.com/bouchenoiremarc/Sketch-Constraints

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    • Filip RadelicFilip Radelic, over 7 years ago

      Wow I was confused there for a bit, took me a while to realize this is entirely different plugin. Well it's really similar and called the same, but it's another project that doesn't seem to mention the original, but copies most of functionality. Also it adds a preview window with 3 fixed sizes you can toggle between, and an optional toolbar above your document for quick access to edit/re-layout/preview.

      It loses one very important feature however, which is ability to select current distances for top/right/bottom/left pinning. I wouldn't trade that for other added features.

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