Ask DN: How to find talent?

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I'm beginning the process of starting a new agency in Colorado and am looking for a mutual partner to go forward, share expenses, etc. I've been a one-man-show theme developer for nearly 5 years and contract work for local agencies. I've looked on Dribbble for developers in my area, tried Craigslist (but mostly got nonsense from that), and really don't know where else to look? Does anyone have any advice how to go about finding a local (Boulder, Denver area) talent that would be interested in starting from scratch and building a new agency? Thanks!


  • Maurice CherryMaurice Cherry, 6 years ago

    Have you been to any in-person events? A quick search on Meetup shows about a dozen groups in Denver that have been active within the last month or two. Time to get out there and network!

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  • Zsolt KZsolt K, 6 years ago

    Have you ever considered building up a remote team? For sure, you need great human skills and intuition to find the right people but you will have more people to pick from.

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  • Hans YadavHans Yadav, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    Why does this talent absolutely need to be in your local area?

    Sure I get how it's certainly preferable to work alongside someone in-person, but I'm sure you've developed relationships with others devs/designers across the world. Why not continue using their expertise, and then organically organize them (if they want) into an agency? Build a little traction, a little notoriety, and eventually you'll be able to attract talent in your local area.

    I guess my point is, don't spend too much time looking for someone, and instead naturally build relationships by working in your field.

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  • Elena MaksimovichElena Maksimovich, 6 years ago

    Have you never worked for a company? If you have try contacting your collegues that you worked with. Or maybe your friends or acquaintances work in a team with some great talent. Ask.

    The best recommendation and proof is the word of mouth, I think.

    Our agency for example was started by 3 professioanls who were either friends or worked together in a team - Our story

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  • Aaron SagrayAaron Sagray, 6 years ago

    Starting an agency in Denver is going to be difficult. When I lived there, there were a ton of small 3-5 person agencies, and they all competed directly with freelancers. That said, if you're well-connected on the business side, and you provide excellent service and work, you can do very well for yourself.

    Finding local talent at meet ups and tech events is your best bet. There used to be a great freelancer meet up at Paris on the Platte.

    In Boulder, there's the Boulder Open Coffee Club, Ignite Boulder and Boulder New Tech Meetup.

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  • Lucas CobbLucas Cobb, 6 years ago

    A meet up is your best bet if you want to find someone quickly.

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  • Connor NorvellConnor Norvell, 6 years ago

    Check the reddit for your area (/r/denver for example) and post asking about talent in the area. they can probably send you to some events and things in your area

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