• Scott Graham, almost 7 years ago

    Nice article and good points. Altough the intro got me wondering : can we still refer to UX as a new concept ? I see UX articles state this from time to time and it strikes me as odd each time. I mean, Don Norman coined the term over 20 years ago. Of course, the subject has evolved a lot, but so have most things internet related (design in general, developement tools and languages, etc.)

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    • Piotr Koczorowski, almost 7 years ago

      Actually, there are countries where the culture of UX is still considered to be rather novel... In Poland, UX is something that "just came" and is trying to enter as many fields as possible. Something really of the top of my head - Witcher 1 from CDProjekt had really bad UX, despite being overall a good game. The acclaimed Witcher 2 also suffered from the same, but it wasn't as bad - yet, there is still field for improvement.

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