• Andy LeeAndy Lee, 8 years ago

    Okay this is just getting ridiculous, does the team at Invision even sleep??? They keep coming out with kick-ass features like once a week it seems. Holy crap.

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    • Stephen OlmsteadStephen Olmstead, 8 years ago

      Thanks Andy- looking forward to getting feedback on this one. We're pretty excited about it and want to make sure we're dialing it in as tightly as possible.

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      • Tony GinesTony Gines, 8 years ago

        One issue I have is with font rendering. Here's an example: https://invis.io/GM407RYD7

        Importing sketch files into invision renders the text differently than my settings. I have sub-pixel aliasing turned off and it forces the aliasing once imported. The fonts on the left are the text layers rendered by invision, the fonts on the right are screenshots of what it looks like within sketch. This is a problem I have with Zeplin and Avocode (though avocode looks good from within the app, just not their web preview).

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        • Stephen OlmsteadStephen Olmstead, 8 years ago

          Hey Tony- appreciate the heads up here. I just created a support issue here internally based on this and you should receive an email shortly. Def want to see whats going on here for you. This is exactly the sort of feedback we're looking for while in private beta so that we can ensure this is as tight as possible. So.... thanks! :)

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        • Josh Hurt, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

          Tony and Tim, in Sketch, try selecting the artboard, ticking "Background Color" and "Include in Export" and that should fix it. At least that's how I handle it.

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          • Tim Knight, 8 years ago

            Thanks Josh, but this isn't an export these are native Sketch files being automatically imported from Dropbox sync with the font rendering being done in InVision.

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    • Tim Knight, 8 years ago

      Agreed. These guys are incredible.

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  • Luke DupontLuke Dupont, 8 years ago

    so. many. features. http://blog.invisionapp.com/category/new-features/

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  • Jon MyersJon Myers, 8 years ago


    One of my favorite companies.

    Keep it up.

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  • Tyreil PTyreil P, 8 years ago

    Zeplin.io had a good run, but it's as good as dead now.

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  • Brian BehrendBrian Behrend, 8 years ago

    Did Invision actually just buy Zeplin or license tech from them? The screen that Invision shows in their Insight demo is the exact same one as the Zeplin screen:

    Zeplin screen

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  • Joshua Newton, over 7 years ago

    Does anyone know when this will be released?

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  • Jonathan CoutiñoJonathan Coutiño, 8 years ago

    I am a regular user of Zeplin, I love to try this new feature Invision decide to stay with that service, I am not of those who import .sketch in Invision, I prefer to export each screen at the right time. Congratulations on this new feature!

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  • Andrew ConnAndrew Conn, 8 years ago

    This looks great and definitely hitting a big problem/need. Will definitely use.

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  • Sam Bible, 8 years ago

    Just started using zeplin.io this week to get access to this type of functionality. Glad to see it come to Invision! Invision has already simplified our team's communication a lot this past year but this has been one of the big pieces we've still needed. This should simplify everybody's lives and make it easier to ship higher fidelity design.

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