Ask DN: Scaling individual Sketch Symbols

8 years ago from , UX

Is there a way to scale individual instances of Symbols in Sketch without having it affect ALL instances of that symbol?

I tweeted about this to the Sketch guys yesterday, with no response (yet).


  • James GreigJames Greig, over 7 years ago

    There's still no way to do this... right?!

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    • Kurt Madsen, over 7 years ago

      As far as I know, you still can't scale individual symbols. In this newest iteration of Symbols, instead of having the scaling of one instance copied to all instances, Sketch disabled scaling Symbols entirely.

      If scaling individual Symbol instances isn't possible, at least this new option prevents more mistakes.

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  • Mike Nino, over 7 years ago

    I completely agree with this. If you cannot scale a symbol without changing every instance, the feature is a lot less useful than it could be.

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  • Andrew FiorilloAndrew Fiorillo, over 7 years ago

    I've wanted this feature too.

    I'd love to be able to scale a symbol without it affecting the scale of the original symbol. Ideally, I'd also be able to edit the original symbol and have the changes reflected in the scaled symbol. Similar to how you can exclude text from a symbol, it would be nice to exclude the size.

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  • Jeff Szpak, 8 years ago

    The only way I've found - and it's not ideal - is to detach the symbol before you modify it.

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