Losing Confidence in My Pixel-Perfection

over 7 years ago from , Application Architect @ Bank of America

I work extremely hard and Sketch, and have in other programs the last 15 years or so in order to get crisp, pixel perfect designs. I traded in my old MBP for a retina, and I can make awesome designs at my now-native 2x resolution. The issue arises when I sample down to 1x in Sketch, my fonts don't maintain the crispness they had at 2x. I often use font sizes like 12.4, etc, to maintain sharp lines on fonts just for my mockups, since the rendering is a bit goofy sometimes. When I fired up the 1X version of my design on my PC, I could see major issues with it. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for this scenario? I also tried designing at 2X and going down to 1X in addition to designing full resolution at 1X and going down to normal displays at 0.5x, both resulted in the exact same image.


  • Ghaida ZahranGhaida Zahran, over 7 years ago

    Agree with Mark Edward's approach. It's a hassle to design at 2x because you have to make sure everything scales down without producing half-pixel measurements.

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    • , over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

      I believe I am actually working at 1x now that I think about it. I specify a 1x and 2x for output (if i design at 1920x1200, I would export a 1x (at that size) and @2x at 3840x2400, however when I view the 1x on a traditional screen, the fonts just dont seem to be up to snuff.

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  • Mike BrandMike Brand, over 7 years ago

    I know Mark Edwards of Bjango always recommends designing at 1x and then moving up to 2x for exports. He works in Photoshop so I'm not sure if this is as useful https://bjango.com/articles/appdesignworkflow/

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