Slackshot: A Slack community for designers on Dribbble.

over 7 years ago from , Founder @ usepanda.com

Hey everyone,

Really excited to announce Slackshot, where we talk about UI/UX Design, illustrations, freelancing within the community of dribbble. We started the group a week ago with 30 members and we’ll be accepting ~30-50 members each week. (First come first served)

You can request an invite at http://slackshot.com The only criteria is to have an active Dribbble account (with 1 post at least)

webinspiration ~ where we share interesting websites

inspiration ~ where we post inspirational stuff

inspiration-feed ~ where Panda posts most popular shots on Dribbble.

feedback ~ feedback about the slack group

servicedesign ~ discussions, recommended reads and feedback around the design of services and products.

ps: sorry for multiple posts, thought I could edit / delete :)