• Stefan Rauch, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    Biggest thing I'd like to see is what sort of problem you solved in your case studies.

    At least in the first example, it jumps into what you did without setting up the situation, and task.

    Situation, task, action, result.

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  • Ramis KhawajaRamis Khawaja, 8 years ago

    It's a bit too clean, there is an over-abundance of white space., it needs some balance. I would suggest looking into different sorts layouts and experimenting with them till you find one you like.

    You are on the right path, good luck :) !

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    • Gurden Batra, 8 years ago

      I understand, thanks a lot for your feedback!

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      • Bjarke DaugaardBjarke Daugaard, 8 years ago

        I really like the white space though. Portfolio sites tend to filled with unnecessary stuff and I like the simplicity of yours.

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    • Matt T, 8 years ago

      While I agree that it is probably a bit too far in the amount of white space, I would say the bigger issue with that is it is void of any personality. It doesn't feel like a portfolio site of someone trying to sell themselves or their work.

      It's a good start, it just needs more care and attention.

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  • Elie SlamaElie Slama, 8 years ago
    1. You shouldn't put all that content for your case studies. Be brief, select 3 to 5 images for a single project.
    2. Also keep your text concise and organize it like a story: Start with a little description of the project and what you did there, then start telling the story. 1 to 3 sentences illustrated by an image is a good pattern to repeat according to the amount of content you've selected.
    3. Finally, please use the width of the screen: images and text are too cluttered together. You could use a classic but efficent 1/3 image 2/3 text that you swap each section.

    Hope it helps, and good luck to you :)

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  • Jeremy TinianowJeremy Tinianow, 8 years ago

    This is off to a great start! It’s refreshing to see a first portfolio that focuses on a couple of strong projects rather than a smattering of screenshots.

    The main thing that jumps out at me is that you describe “Rapid Prototyping” as your first skill, but we’re not seeing any prototypes here. I see you’ve noted on the “Be Kind” project that animations and transitions will be a next step, so I think you’re on the right track with this. I recommend putting these screens into a prototype, and then doing more user feedback and testing, the results of which will give your further design decisions a strong backbone. Also, a prototype can be screencast and converted to a gif, which would let you show multiple screens in the same amount of space.

    Good work thus far, you’ve got a strong foundation here. Best of luck!

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  • George PhillipsGeorge Phillips, 8 years ago

    The text is nice and readable, good spacing. The screenshots/images on your work pages could use up a bit more screen horizontal real-estate. Particularly on the "Be Kind" it makes it hard to see the flow with all of them spread out. Try stacking them side by side with a wider container than the text.

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  • Giulio MichelonGiulio Michelon, 8 years ago

    Pictures are very heavy. You should compress them.

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