• Dirk HCM van BoxtelDirk HCM van Boxtel, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

    Just now, I found myself typing a response where I explained how the industry I work for doesn't require a "colour blind mode", or a design that works for people that are colour blind.

    I was doing that to excuse myself for never having bothered with testing my designs with colour blindness in mind.

    ... and then I realised... this is bullshit. I need to just own up to this and start working on incorporating it into my daily processes.

    Eyes opened. Thank you sir.

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  • Matt WalkerMatt Walker, over 8 years ago

    This article was spot on.

    I typically don't tell my employer that I'm colorblind because I don't want them to be confused that it somehow conflicts with my work, because it really doesn't interfere that much especially if you collaborate with other designers on color choices.

    When I do pick colors I rely on kuler or something like coolors.co to help build the palette I'm looking for. I suppose I have to take a more measured approach to colors as opposed to what I feel looks good to my own eyes.

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  • Emilio Coppola, over 8 years ago

    Design with color blindness? That is bananas! Specially choosing colors... I would like to know more about the process :O

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  • Kyle StetzKyle Stetz, over 8 years ago

    Great article! I use Color Oracle from time to time— it's a utility that changes your screen's color to simulate the three most common types of colorblindness. I'm told it's not 100% accurate... I'd love to know if it's worth using more diligently.

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