• Murat MutluMurat Mutlu, over 8 years ago

    This level of insight is great, really interesting post thanks for sharing

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  • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, over 8 years ago

    Is there a shortcut for these? My muscle memory on command-shift-s is so strong.

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  • Bruno BarrosBruno Barros, over 8 years ago

    What's coming next: Multiple Image Resolutions per layer: We have to go back to the drawing board on how to export more than 1 image resolution per layer. We didn’t have time to figure the right UI out for this. We hope we can get to this in the future.

    That's a relieve — sort of. It's kinda crazy that Adobe thought it was OK to remove such a basic feature from CC 2015.

    I think I'll have to rely on (the amazing) PNG Express extension when it comes to exporting assets.

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