• Jeremy HooverJeremy Hoover, almost 8 years ago

    Like the idea, the timer doesn't count for me. Should it be showing the seconds count? Or are you doing hours:minutes?

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  • william lewiswilliam lewis, almost 8 years ago

    Great idea and dead simple to use. App is also up on PH today Am going to give this a decent trial for sure

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    • Tim Herbig, almost 8 years ago

      Thanks, William. Happy to hear that and I'm looking forward to hear more feedback from you after you used it for some time. We also already fixed a bunch of bugs and logging should now work way more reliable than at launch day.

      Cheers, Tim

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  • Shane McCleeryShane McCleery, almost 8 years ago

    Like the idea, but on the first run, it didn't count for me. After the refresh it did count for me, and then it worked for 5 second tests, then I tried it on something around 2 hours and it crashed, saying something about my cookies and every test after that failed.

    Would like it, but something that doesn't work 2/3 times isn't for me.

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