• Jason CJason C, 8 years ago

    Curious, what API are you getting your weather data from? Most of your negative reviews on Nice Weather 2 suggest the weather data is inaccurate.

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  • Daniel ClellandDaniel Clelland, 8 years ago

    This shit keeps me awake at night, too.

    I usually write in a few lines of code that wipe the database in the (extremely unlikely, but hey) event that migrations fail - means the user has to log in again, but at least the app doesn't crash (or worse, work itself into a completely unusable state)

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  • Julian LengfelderJulian Lengfelder, 8 years ago

    I am glad you figured it out. Nice Wheater is by far my favorite app.

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  • Tom HareTom Hare, 8 years ago

    No specific feedback on the story (although it's a good lesson to iOS devs, I'm sure) but thought I'd say that this was a really well written, entertaining and informative post. Thanks for sharing.

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