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Hello folks,

I have a project in university where I have to design and code a site and it would be ace if you could give me some feedback.

The content of the site are 30 articles which relate to each other. For example article 1 leads to article 2, article 2 leads to article 3 etc. (WW2 -> Japan -> Yen -> Euro -> Germany). Like a chain of associations. In the last paragraph of an article I describe how the article correlates to the next one.

But here are my drafts:

Home pageArticle page

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

I would be glad about some feedback!


  • Tommy DTommy D, over 6 years ago

    A few thoughts and take them as you see fit,

    1. The gaussian blur on the menu isn't working too well. Especially with content like text it might just end up looking muddy. I would play with a solid background to the menu.

    2. The "next article" button is distracting from the title. Sounds like the link to the next piece in the series is important, but it's battling too much with what the current page is.

    3. If a person reads most of or the entire page, should there be a way to continue to the next article at the bottom of the page? Something you might want to try or consider.

    4. Confused by the image at the bottom. If it's purely decorative, does it need to be there?

    Seems like a cool project! Good luck!

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    • Yannic Nachname, over 6 years ago

      Thank you for your feedback!

      1: I will take a look at the menu again, I can see your point.

      2: The "next article" is currently the hover state. If you do not hover over the next-icon (the arrow) the image and the title of the next article is not visible. I should have told you that. But yeah, maybe it is a bit to much to have the image on top of the header image, I will consider changing this behavior.

      3/4: At the bottom the image is a teaser for the next article in the association chain. In this case stratosphere. Above the title it says "read more about" and then the title stratosphere together with the image in the background. If you click on the image or title you can read the next article.

      I will post updates of my progress if you are interested but I have some things on my to do list so it might take some days.

      Have a good day!

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    • Yannic Nachname, over 6 years ago

      I did update my project:


      Article 1

      Article 2

      Article 3

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  • George HadfieldGeorge Hadfield, over 6 years ago

    Good start! I would definitely take a look into rethinking how the menu works, as mentioned above, I'm not sure on the blur. Have you considered how this would work at smaller browser sizes?

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    • Yannic Nachname, over 6 years ago

      Thanks for your reply!

      I will take a look at this issue. As mentioned I will post my changes as soon as possible :)

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