• Ed AdamsEd Adams, 8 years ago

    Very pretty.

    I remain less than convinced that Mac Pros were the most cost effective way to do this though.

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  • Jonathon HalliwellJonathon Halliwell, 8 years ago

    Very cool

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  • Ryan LeFevreRyan LeFevre, 8 years ago

    Love these posts that you guys do.

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  • David KavanaghDavid Kavanagh, 8 years ago

    Whoa. Not sure if I've had my head in the sand but I didn't even know this was a business large enough to support that kind of engineering resources. Great job and thanks for sharing.

    You guys get to build a service which is both useful AND you and you get to build your own hardware??? Sounds like fun!

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  • Brian A.Brian A., 8 years ago

    Imgix, soothing my OCD tendencies yet again. Those shots of the racked Mac Minis and immaculate cabling make me very happy.

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  • Matt Smadner, 8 years ago

    unf unf unf.

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