• Dan Charlesworth, 8 years ago

    Very nice design, but very bad frame rate on my retina Macbook Pro.

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  • brad wrage, 8 years ago

    Nicely designed site overall. Although top top-gradient header clashes a bit in certain places as you scroll...

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  • David DarnesDavid Darnes, 8 years ago

    Looks like it's been inspired by https://www.gosquared.com/, https://stripe.com/. Which can only be a good thing.

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  • Drew BeckDrew Beck, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    This is what I currently do with my acorns. Maybe this product will be better for me??

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  • Jaskni WongJaskni Wong, 8 years ago

    I don’t like it. Honestly.

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  • Peter MatevPeter Matev, 8 years ago

    Beautiful site. What I love most about this design is that, while being really impressive visually, every bit of the design draws my attention to the content. I clicked on it to look at colors and layout and ended up reading for ages about the product and the team. I think that's what is missing from a lot of "modern" design nowadays. And none of this scroll-jacking nonsense either. Good stuff.

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  • E BensleyE Bensley, 8 years ago

    Beautifully designed and very effective, but as mentioned above, very poor frame rate. The script controlling the parallax effect needs to be de-bounced or at least rate-limited enough not to slow scrolling, at the moment it fires on every movement. Still, a lovely site none-the-less.

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