Working and Living with Depression as a Designer

over 7 years ago from , Design Consultant, Host of Signal337 podcast

I wrote a very personal post last week about depression and mental illness; how it affects my work, my relationships and self-worth. I'd like to get your thoughts and opinions on it as fellow colleagues.



  • Alan Smith, 2 months ago

    Depression can eat you from the inside and it is quite difficult to get rid of it. I know that the treatment is long and they also resort to various concomitant therapies. Therefore, you should be careful with this and monitor your health.

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    • Finn Smith, 1 month ago

      According to you, it also happened to me when I once failed to pay attention to my health and paid for it. After all, psychologically, any work exhausts you and brings you to a state where you are unable to carry out your activities normally. And here you should always carefully monitor how you feel. I had to undergo therapy using specially trained dogs https://myserviceanimal.org/ it was an interesting experience. However, I would definitely not want to repeat it. Therefore, it is better to immediately monitor your health.

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