Ask DN: Anything about connectivity of journalism and design?

8 years ago from , Product Designer

Good day, designers!

I'm learning journalism in Belarusian State University and work as designer at the same time. Life can be weird, I know...

It's almost the end of the year and I have to write something nice, long and interesting for my exam. So I've decided to unite two passions of mine and write about web-design of the online-media's sites.

I need to write a lot on this topic and I have not so much time left. That's why I've decided to ask DN community for help. I'll have my enternal gratitude if you could:

1) Provide me with a link to some article or book that somehow related to my topic. There's a lot about web-design, but I need something about connectivity of journalism and design.

2) It would be great if you could share your ideas on this topic. How web-design can influence journalism? What good practices are there? What's important when you create web-design for media? Etc.

3) If you know/read any English-language online media — give me a link! But here is the thing: center of my topic is local media. Sites about particular city: they usually write about new places opened in town, interesting events, make interviews with creative people and so on. If there is such a site in your area — please give me a link.

4) If you have with something else that could help me in any way — please, share it. It's good for karma ;)

I really believe in the power of DN community members, so I'm eager to hear you thoughts.

Thank you!

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