Ask DN: Are you using Gmail for Work?

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Recently I got a mail from my main web host where I've got my website(s) hosted and they're the ones who have all my mail accounts too. So regular hosting with IMAP mail.

They've "partnered" up with Google and want users to easy switch over to use Google apps for Work/Business/Whatever and at first thought it seems to be pretty nice to have my mail where I have my files (drive). But I fail to see any other pros of this.

Anyone who have separated their web hosting and "mail hosting" to use google for mail?

What would be the pros/cons of moving my IMAP mail to Google (and to pay for it, even if it's annoyingly little)?


  • Chris PorterChris Porter, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

    I love using Gmail for Work. I had a grandfather account for 3 years (free version) and now have a paid account for a new domain.

    Pros: + Easily access your email from anywhere + Add Streak CRM to it to do CRM for clients/high level project management + Add Rapportive extension to get info on people Im sending email to or receiving email from + Easier to organize and create filters (I had a hard time with Mail App setting up filters for newsletters). + Google Hangouts with your team with ease + Shared calendars/docs with your team + Sync your phone contacts with Google Contacts. Lose your phone? Just resync to get your contacts back. + Gmail Labs helps tremendously such as the Undo send

    Cons: + If Gmail's down, hopefully you have offline feature enabled

    If I have anymore, ill post them below!

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  • Paula BorowskaPaula Borowska, over 8 years ago

    I say do it - it's easier to schedule thing with Google Docs, especially with people outside the company. Plus, Gmail is an easy email client to begin with. I think it makes sense especially bc Google integrates with many other useful apps making collaboration and productivity more seamless as well.

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