Pixate Studio is now available without a subscription!

8 years ago from , Head of Product at Pixate

Hey DN!

We're really excited today to make Pixate Studio available without a subscription. If you haven't already tried it, Pixate Studio lets you build complex native prototypes right on your desktop, and play with them in real-time on your iOS or Android device. It even runs the iOS Xcode simulator so you can run real native prototypes without a device.

Studio was only available through our Premium plan previously, but today we released it without a subscription for only $149: http://www.pixate.com/studio/buy

If you haven't tried out Studio yet, you can grab a 7-day trial here: http://www.pixate.com/downloads/studio/latest/PixateStudio.zip

We hope you guys like this! :)


  • Paul ColtonPaul Colton, 8 years ago

    For DN readers only, here's a 10% off coupon code! We'll keep this code live for just a short while. Just visit the Pixate Store and use the DN10 coupon code.

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  • adrian ioadrian io, 8 years ago

    Thanks for listening to the community Andrew. Definitely going to give this a try now and the price is very reasonable.

    Just got 2 questions:

    • Do you have any information about upgrade costs, i.e. would I have to pay the same price again after a year for the next version, or will it come at a slightly reduced cost?

    • One of the coming soon features was that it would make hand-overs to developers easier - with spec sheets, raw data, and ready-to-build native Objective-C/Swift applications etc. If this is still on the roadmap, I presume it would only be available to subscribers?

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    • Andrew Holt, 8 years ago

      Thanks, glad you're happy to hear this. :) To be honest we haven't reached a decision about an upgrade path or costs, but we'll likely have an upgrade discount for existing users vs. paying full price again.

      We also haven't locked down the developer handoff feature, so I can't say exactly what will be included in Studio or only in subscription versions.

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  • Daniel SchutzsmithDaniel Schutzsmith, 8 years ago

    This is great but here's the link to just know more about what Pixate is for the lazyweb folks. The links above don't have a way to get to that.


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  • Joe Blau, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    I've seen this move before. I bought Pixate for $99 ( or $199; Can't remember how much the old product was) back when the vision was to write CSS to style iOS and Android. I had the product for a few months before the price dropped to free and then was abandoned for this current vision of Pixate. I will say that the old version of Pixate was definitely worth everything I paid for it but this move makes me even more uneasy about buying anything else. My main concern with purchasing current or future products is that this is the second time Pixate is releasing something of high quality and value and a reasonable price point and then backing it down to free.

    Styled with Pixate and LESS

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    • Daniel WoelfelDaniel Woelfel, 8 years ago

      If it's a good product at a fair price, why not just buy it? Sure, it could go down in price later, but that doesn't change the fact that you got a good product at a good price now.

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    • Andrew Holt, 8 years ago

      Hey Joe, thanks for voicing your concern. That first product (what we now call Freestyle, and open-sourced here http://www.freestyle.org/) was quite different than what Pixate now does. We open-sourced Freestyle because we chose to take a different strategic direction and focus on what Pixate is today, on which we are and will to continue to be working very hard.

      Building a product and making it free isn't a strategic move, it's just what we decided to do after talking to a LOT of companies about their needs. ;-)

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  • David AlandíDavid Alandí, 8 years ago

    honestly I'm fine with the cloud based app

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  • Dan CortesDan Cortes, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    Super stoked that you guys listened to some community feedback and decided to offer your software for a fixed price. I'll definitely be picking this up as soon as I have a project for it, and I'll be pushing it on my job's design team as well.

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  • Arjun PenemetsaArjun Penemetsa, 8 years ago

    Cool! Love the web version. Recently did a demo to the team, everyone liked the QR code aspect to play around with demos instantly.

    Also, Do you guys have any plans to support web app /desktop app prototyping or will you be sticking to mobile in the near future?

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    • Andrew Holt, 8 years ago

      Awesome to hear. We want everyone to be able to use Pixate with whatever works best for them, so we'll continue adding tons of great stuff across the board, and integrating Studio with online features.

      We're really focused on mobile for now. Since our engine is native iOS and Android (which is why it works so well ;) ), it's a big step from what we have now to generating interactive web or native OS X/Windows designs. However, we'll definitely start looking into those as we progress. :)

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      • Arjun PenemetsaArjun Penemetsa, 8 years ago

        Great! I was actually trying/using a hacky workaround of just using the iPad simulator in landscape to test some web stuff. Most of the web based interactions I've needed are ( tap = click ) so that seems to work for me.

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