What's the best way to find a side project partner?

over 7 years ago from , Founder at NAV

I have a little WP plugin that I designed and had developed for a client, that's listed for sale at $299. I disabled the checkout because I haven't updated it in almost a year, and there's virtually no support. But at least once a week someone emails me or reaches out to find out if it's being developed or if they can buy it.

Yesterday, on a Sunday night, someone somehow got my cell phone number and called it asking if they could buy it.

I can't take the time away from my studio to give this the time it deserves, but maybe a PHP/WP dev would like to join up and double team this. I know it can make good money, I just can't give it 15 hours/week.

How should I find someone like that? I've posted on reddit and asked a few dev friends, but they're all too busy (and I don't like mixing business and friendships) or have too much going on already.

Is there a site I should be trying? Where can I find a partner?