• Zack SpearZack Spear, 7 years ago

    Great design and some cool dev interactions. Overall it's awesome.

    Unfortunately, the page weight for almost every page is super heavy. Making the site load slowly before that specific page is cached.

    • Home: 5.3 MB
    • Most genre pages are over 3 MB.
    • New Releases: 8.1 MB
    • Coming Soon: 3.9 MB

    I think the site would greatly benefit from having those page weights brought down. Potentially lazy loading and serving smaller versions of the book covers on pages that aren't a single book page would probably help, since there's usually a lot of them on each page.

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    • Charlie PrattCharlie Pratt, 7 years ago

      This. I was blown away at first, and then became progressively frustrated by the page load times. Beautiful, though.

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    • Account deleted 7 years ago

      Great comments and suggestions!

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    • Nathan Hass, 7 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback Zach! You're dead on with the image sizing. We're working on a fix for that and making some other optimizations that should speed things right up.

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  • Bud ParrBud Parr, 7 years ago

    Hope you take these comments well - I wouldn't bother if it wasn't such an elegant site.

    Really lovely home page! and very nice interactions on the menus, though the action of clicking on a menu then getting a submenu and then having to click on the real menu item below that seems like like a lot, when maybe that could show the submenu on hover, but allow the user to click through on the link they originally chose.

    Couldn't find the search.

    Desperately needs some performance optimization, even the second, cached, view is 5.5 seconds for content and nearly 10 seconds for the entire page (http://www.webpagetest.org/result/150313_BN_43P/1/details/) Images, as it looks like you know, but you've got massive scripts in the header and a 200+kb css file and pulling from two different type services. I know that sort of thing is hard with Wordpress, but there are a ton of requests there.

    Interestingly, and maybe this doesn't have anything to do with you, but there didn't seem to be any way to find authors.

    Again, hope the (mostly) performance related comments are okay. Glad to see publishers rethinking their sites and I do think that it's a really elegant site!

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  • Spencer RirieSpencer Ririe, 7 years ago

    Great work Nathan. I'd be curious to hear the thought behind the type hierarchy choice. I'm struggling with legibility when Surveyor is used for the headline, sub-text and detailing in one block. Was Aaux ever considered for the sub-heads?

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