• Kelly Sutton, 8 years ago

    Unfortunately after several years, we are shutting LayerVault down. You can read the details on the home page.

    Good news for the community, though. Designer News isn't going anywhere.

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    • Dominik SchmidtDominik Schmidt, 8 years ago

      Why not going partly Open Source, instead of "trashing" everything?

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      • Kelly Sutton, 8 years ago

        Hi Dominik,

        We're big believers in open source, but the short answer is: it's not quite that simple.

        The officers of the company have a fiduciary responsibility to the shareholders (investors, employees, etc.) to maximize the financial output of the company and its assets. There are still a few options on the table for that, so we are unable to open-source the technology at this time.

        There's another piece to the "just open source it" idea. Things as powerful as LayerVault are technologically complex, and expensive to operate. To run LayerVault effectively on an individual basis, you would need several servers running several different operating systems. Some of the assumptions of how the product works prevent it from being as simple as gem install layervault.

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        • Philip WeberPhilip Weber, 8 years ago


          If/when you try to build another design version control platform, would you consider using an open source approach? Git is an open source technology that multiple important businesses have been built on.

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          • Nick NobleNick Noble, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

            The whole reason that Layervault exists, in my understanding, is that standard version control systems like git, mercurial, and svn, are all terrible at handling binary file formats (i.e. images).

            So what they were able to achieve in a space that had been rather 'set up' for some time is rather incredible, and possibly extremely complex.

            While I'm personally all for not reinventing wheels, sometimes it doesn't make sense to put wheels on a hovercraft just because you have them lying around.

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            • Philip WeberPhilip Weber, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

              I'm talking about building products that are:

              1. Custom tailored to support designer workflows

              2. Subscription based

              3. Fully hosted or deployed on-prem (for a higher price)

              4. Built on top of an open source design file version control system

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    • Martin LeBlancMartin LeBlanc, 8 years ago

      How come Designer News will keep running if it's owned by Layervault that is folding? Isn't the owners (including investors) interested in reducing costs or perhaps covering some costs by selling DN?

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      • Ed AdamsEd Adams, 8 years ago

        I don't know if they ever actually did it (I'm an unapologetic ad block user) but there was talk a few months ago of sponsored posts here, and there's the jobs board which probably brings in a bit of $$$ already.

        Perhaps DN pays for itself using the above, so it can remain open?

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      • Antonio PratasAntonio Pratas, 8 years ago

        the advertising and jobs board probably covers the server costs of running DN?

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        • Martin LeBlancMartin LeBlanc, 8 years ago

          My point is that it's a valuable asset for the LV company. And depending on the financial situation, the investors might force the LV company to sell DN to someone to get a bit of $.

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  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, 8 years ago

    sad to hear. though your core product may not have been successful financially, you guys have made incredible contributions to the design community. flat design, progressive reduction, designer news -- all hugely influential stuff.

    thank you and good luck with your next venture.

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  • Dan BerkoDan Berko, 8 years ago

    GitHub, please swoop in and save the day. :(

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    • Philip WeberPhilip Weber, 8 years ago

      Someone. Anyone. Please.

      Have you tried https://www.pixelapse.com? Our team desperately needs a replacement. We're demoing it, but it's really struggling to create a preview of a relatively simple Sketch file I'm starting with.

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      • Dominic SebastianDominic Sebastian, 8 years ago

        We are in the process of migrating all work over to Pixelapse. We use Illustrator for all interface work not sketch, and it's been great so far

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        • Mark Michon, 8 years ago

          Keep in mind that Pixelapse will be ending soon-ish too, as they have been aquired by dropbox. They have a whole post about it on their site, and it sounds like they are rolling all the functionality into dropbox.

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          • Dominic SebastianDominic Sebastian, 8 years ago

            Very true. From what I could see it'll happen later this year, and that buys us time to find an alternative. Do you use something else?

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      • Jeremy Sallee, 8 years ago

        We will replace our Layervault subscription with inVision monthly one for the moment. Even though inVision it's not perfect, it still has version control and automatic psd export to preview so the team can articulate around the designs. We took a monthly sub because we are waiting for other solutions to emerge, especially dropbox for business merged with pixelapse.

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  • Ashraf AliAshraf Ali, 8 years ago

    You guys pushed the envelope of design workflow tools and the community truly appreciates the effort. A major hoorah is appropriate and well-deserved. Long live LayerVault.

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  • Catalin CimpanuCatalin Cimpanu, 8 years ago

    If the parent company is shutting down, does this mean that DN maintenance becomes a pro-bono service from the now "former LV" dev team?

    In this case you'll need funds and I'll be the first one to donate.

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  • Nathan ManousosNathan Manousos, 8 years ago

    Thanks for all you've contributed to the design community.

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  • Khoi Vinh, 8 years ago

    This is tragic news. So many of us have been rooting for LayerVault to succeed. The team should be really, really proud of what you built. Your next thing is going to be even more amazing.

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  • Adam T.Adam T., 8 years ago

    Sorry to hear that - but honestly I never saw a use or need for the product, despite how polished it seemed. Huge contributions to the community however- all the work on DN is very much appreciated!

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  • Taylor LeCroyTaylor LeCroy, 8 years ago

    I used delivery.layervault.com a lot as a freelancer. Clients loved it. Couldn't believe it was free! Thanks for being awesome and good luck with whatever comes next.

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  • Daniel WinterDaniel Winter, 8 years ago

    Sorry to hear that. I'd love to see your server software as a one time purchase for self hosting. I know this is tough to ask, bit maybe you could get it running that way? I enjoyed layervault.

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  • Sacha GreifSacha Greif, 8 years ago

    I'm really sad to hear this, first of all because I've always admired the LayerVault product and team.

    But my second thought was “if they can't do it, who can?!”. We all have this dream of launching our own products and making it on our own, so it's always disheartening when even a great team can't seem to make it work.

    Anyway, here's hoping you find success in whatever you decide to do next!

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  • James GillJames Gill, 8 years ago

    When one of my team put the LayerVault URL in Slack this evening I assumed it was going to be a beautiful new homepage you'd designed that I was going to get inspired by for weeks to come.

    Instead, I was met with this sad news. I love what the LayerVault team has done and I can't wait to see what you do next. I can only imagine how hard this decision was to make, and I wish you the best of luck for the future.

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  • Philip WeberPhilip Weber, 8 years ago

    Please please please open source anything you can.

    My team would never want to go back to working without version control. Checking out https://www.pixelapse.com

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  • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, 8 years ago

    Very sorry to hear the news. It’s a real loss for the design community — I think version control is vital and LayerVault’s features were compelling.

    I wish the entire LayerVault team the best for future endeavours.

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  • B TB T, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    Loved the idea of LayerVault, but in practice it had too many bugs. Syncing the Sketch previews to the website was too slow for any practical use which was a huge bummer when I wanted to share design and progress with developers on my team.

    LayerVault's customer support was excellent. I had two full days of live chat with their developer that helped me recover files that magically was lost among other minor issues.

    I'm excited to see what LayerVault team will do next.

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  • Meng ToMeng To, 8 years ago

    We have all been very fortunate to have such a caring and passionate team. I'm relieved to hear that DN isn't going anywhere. I'm sure with your talents, you'll do something great next time.

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  • Joshua SortinoJoshua Sortino, 8 years ago

    I'm sad to hear this. :(

    While you have no obligation to do so whatsoever, you should seriously consider open sourcing LayerVault. It would be awesome for the community.

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  • Daniel MuiDaniel Mui, 8 years ago

    This is very upsetting. What you've contributed to the design and development community has been massive! All the best to the LV team, we're behind all y'all!

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  • Kenneth JensenKenneth Jensen, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    I'm sad to hear that, but very happy that I got a chance to visit you guys in the fall. I will for sure stick around for DN, as will many others I believe, a massive contribution to the community.

    Great people behind, and Kelly makes a mean coffee! :)

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  • Alfonse SurigaoAlfonse Surigao, 8 years ago

    Really sorry to hear that. Wish you guys the best on your next endeavor.

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  • Diego LafuenteDiego Lafuente, 8 years ago

    Problem is designers doesn't appreciate the wonderfulness of being under version control. Adobe tried it several years ago and I never seen a designer care about this. They don't care even github.

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  • Savelle McThiasSavelle McThias, 8 years ago

    You would think that Adobe would have acquired you by now. Maybe, they'll buy the tech and you'll have a million years of hosting bills paid for this site haha!

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  • Pirijan KethPirijan Keth, 8 years ago

    The design industry will be that much poorer without you guys - I'd like to think Layervault was partially ahead of it's time and can't wait to see what you do next.

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  • Weston VierreggerWeston Vierregger, 8 years ago

    Sad news.

    I had been a customer on and off over the past year or so. The product was great, though at some points I couldn't afford it (and, throughout my career, has been a luxury more than a necessity) and, like now, I am not permitted to store design docs in any offsite service.

    Each time I activated my account, I got a pleasant e-mail welcoming me back and each time I closed it I got a personal e-mail asking me what was up, if there was anything they could do better, and how much they'd like to have me back. I've never had such good customer service for a digital product before, bar none.

    Best of luck to you guys!

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  • David BachmannDavid Bachmann, 8 years ago

    Damn, that's too bad. I tried to get my team to use LV but it didn't stick. There was something missing from it, but I can't quite put my fingers on it.

    Good luck with your next projects!

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  • Pelin KenezPelin Kenez, 8 years ago

    :( Very sad news. Thanks to you we still have this amazing community! Good luck!

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  • Zach ReedZach Reed, 8 years ago


    It's a bummer to hear about the product shutting down. I know that can't be an easy decision to make.

    Can you guys please look at open sourcing the code you had for LayerVault? Maybe a phoenix can spawn from the ashes. Or it can help others with small problems that you guys had done so well.

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  • Tori ZTori Z, 8 years ago

    Really sorry to hear that. And I'm also glad that we still have DN. I am a student and DN is the no.1 source for me to learn. This is the only place I can learn what good designers are thinking. I'm just really thankful there's a place let this. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of young and experienced designer who has the similar experience. Keep it up DN!

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  • John ChouraJohn Choura, 8 years ago


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  • Mike BrandMike Brand, 8 years ago

    That's super sad to hear. Best of luck in all of your future ventures.

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  • Jeff MillerJeff Miller, 8 years ago

    Invision should buy Layervault and make the most amazing product in the world.

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  • Cihad TurhanCihad Turhan, 8 years ago

    I know how it feels. Our company shut down just 10 days ago.

    Although you work a lot and create awesome products, sometimes work just doesn't go well.

    Hope the next product goes well.

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  • Adam KAdam K, 8 years ago

    I used the service and it worked well. It was considered too expensive by my employer and the account was shut down. I think there were a lot of people that would have liked to use the service, but couldn't afford it.

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  • Zac DaviesZac Davies, 8 years ago

    If you're looking for an alternative, check out https://redpen.io/

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  • Vincent Le MoignVincent Le Moign, 8 years ago

    Sad to hear for the users and your team :-( Hope you will find quickly some other great projects to work on.

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  • Robin RaszkaRobin Raszka, 8 years ago

    Damn, sorry to hear that. How can I easily download all my files, including revisions?

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  • Zach ShermanZach Sherman, 8 years ago

    That's such sad news, thanks for everything guys.

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  • Curtis AllenCurtis Allen, 8 years ago

    Sad to hear that. I planned to give your service a try, but never got around to it. Hopefully I'm not to blame.

    Thank you and good luck in your next venture(s).

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  • Berk ÇebiBerk Çebi, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )


    Good luck in your future ventures!

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  • David BarkerDavid Barker, 8 years ago


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  • Pedro PintoPedro Pinto, 8 years ago

    Sad news. Best of luck in the new ventures of the LayerVault team

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  • Nic TrentNic Trent, 8 years ago

    Wonder if the Designer News URL will change? Might need to update my bookmark.

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  • Nice ShoesNice Shoes, 8 years ago

    Sorry to hear guys.

    Hopefully you'll: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hihEhsdwiIk

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  • Daniel GoldenDaniel Golden, almost 7 years ago

    :'( Miss you, LayerVault.

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  • Mianje YakuzaMianje Yakuza, 8 years ago

    So sorry to hear that, though I'm happy DN is going to exist for a long time. Good Luck!

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  • Charlie SneathCharlie Sneath, 8 years ago

    Thanks to the whole LayerVault team for creating this community and best of luck going forward. I'm so appreciative of how much I've learned here, and look forward to the seeing the community grow.

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  • raj braj b, 8 years ago

    OK, glad at least news section lives.

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  • Saurabh M, 8 years ago

    What upsetting news! Thanks for DN, among other things Kelly.

    p.s: This would absolutely be the most terrible April's fool prank ever, if it's even remotely that.

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  • Craig RozynskiCraig Rozynski, 8 years ago

    Your most popular product was the one that didn't make you any money.

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  • David Power, 8 years ago

    Just recently discovered layer vault. Ran a design team for a major corporation for 5 years. This would have been a godsend.

    Been running a startup for the last two years. Must be heartbreaking for you. Wish you the very best guys.

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  • Chantal JandardChantal Jandard, 8 years ago

    Thanks for all your hard work and contributions to the design community. You've made a difference!

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  • Surjith S MSurjith S M, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    I knew, When Allan posted this

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    • Denis KDenis K, 8 years ago

      Yeah same here, either it had been acquired and Allan didn't like the new setup, or it was going to run out of money.

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  • Mitch De CastroMitch De Castro, 8 years ago

    Never got to use Layervault but this still saddens me because of all the other things y'all have done.

    Best of luck<3

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  • Karthik KKarthik K, 8 years ago

    Really sad to hear that. Whatever you guys do next, you'll have our support. :)

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  • Eric H.Eric H., 8 years ago

    Very sorry to hear about this. I know the LV team will ultimately rise from this moment to great things. That's what talented people who work hard generally do.

    Truth is, a lot of times when things like this happen, a door opens to a new potential you couldn't have imagined previously.

    Good luck in your new endeavours.

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  • Julien Vanden TorrenJulien Vanden Torren, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    Sorry to hear this guys :(

    If some of your customers need an alternative solution, i can offer them 2 months of free use on our solution which is similar to yours


    Just contact me at : julien@derniercri.io and I will increase your usage period

    I wish you all the best !

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  • Philip AmourPhilip Amour, 8 years ago

    Sorry to hear that. Wish you all the best in your future adventures!

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  • Wassim BWassim B, 8 years ago

    Really sad news. Wish you guys the best!

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  • Casper HübertzCasper Hübertz, 8 years ago

    Sorry to hear that it couldn't sustain financially, it was a great tool with great visions for how a product could look and feel, and how asset versioning could be handled visually. All the best with your next endeavors!

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  • Craig RozynskiCraig Rozynski, 8 years ago

    Sad news, thanks Kelly and everyone at Layervault.

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  • Tom DurkinTom Durkin, 8 years ago

    Sorry to hear about this chaps!

    I'm glad that Designer News will still run.

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  • Jan LehtinenJan Lehtinen, 8 years ago

    Sorry to hear. Thank you for the big contribution to the designer community over the years!

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  • Namor VotilavNamor Votilav, 8 years ago


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  • Todd SielingTodd Sieling, 8 years ago

    Really sorry to see LayerVault go away. You've accomplished a lot, and should be proud of what was done. Not the least of which is what's been made, and will survive, as Designer News. Best of luck in what comes next.

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  • Kat ☺, 8 years ago

    As we say in Australia - I'm devo.

    Hopefully Designer News just continues to go from strength to strength.

    Please reach out to the community for help if need be.

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  • Jonathan YapJonathan Yap, 8 years ago

    It's so sad to hear. I'm sure you guys will do amazing, you have such a good team and the product shows for it!

    Thank you for the immeasurable contribution to the design community. Keep on going!

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  • Danny KingDanny King, 8 years ago

    Really sorry to hear, Kelly, but congratulations on making a truly inspiring product. I learned a lot from you guys, and I want to thank you for that :)

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  • Etienne ServantEtienne Servant, 8 years ago

    Sorry to hear that. Wish you the best for the futur!

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  • Jeremiah ShoafJeremiah Shoaf, 8 years ago

    So sorry to hear. You guys have done such great things for the design community. Glad that DN will continue on.

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  • Po RithPo Rith, 8 years ago

    Sorry to hear... Be well

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  • Rober GonzálezRober González, 8 years ago


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  • Lewis FludeLewis Flude, 8 years ago

    rip in pieces

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