FLoating Menu Buttons and Usability Issues

8 years ago from , Product Designer at Treehouse

http://www.ciy.com/move @ ~320px

Anyone else encountering this in the wild? Anyone have any usability numbers on this? I suspect that if your demographic is anything other than younger people this is a pain in the ass. I'm 31 and it took me 5 minutes to figure out that the play button arrow thing was the menu.

Any feedback on your experience with this would be awesome.

Here's my two cents: I think this is a usability nightmare because we're stripping away know usability patterns such as the word menu or gasp the hamburger menu. Especially if we're deploying this to a site or product meant to be used by folks who are potentially less computer literate.

Would this work better if it said "Menu" or was a burger icon? I dunno, it still blovks readable content in some spots. Thoughts?