Ask DN: How much should a raise be for Sr. UX Designer?

almost 9 years ago from , UX Designer at Cognoa.com and www.jessl.am

How much (%) of a raise would you expect for a UX designer to receive when being promoted to Sr. UX designer? Assume the responsibilities and expectations were exceeded. If I'm missing criteria for the question please let me know.


  • Ryan Boye, almost 9 years ago

    You should check out sites like Indeed or this nice article on Fast Company, about how designers should be compensated.

    Ballpark guess is anywhere from 15-30%, but look around and see what you think.

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  • Mustefa Jo'shenMustefa Jo'shen, almost 9 years ago

    Hey Jess, where are you located? How much does a UX Designer make, and how much do you expect a senior designer make? What's the % of a raise based on? That could help with good criteria, happy to help!

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    • Jess Lam, almost 9 years ago

      Thanks Mustefa.

      Located in the US. I don't think cost of living per city should be a factor. I would expect a UX Designer at a tech company to make between $80-120K. And a senior designer $110-150K. Raise and promotion are based on performance related to responsibilities, additional contributions, and workload. Workload being, 1 designer for lots of PMs and engineers.

      The salaries I picked are not based on a lot of data points so I would be interested to hear what others would expect.

      My question mainly seeks to answer what a fair % increase would be for a high performing designer that exceeded expectations.

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      • Mustefa Jo'shenMustefa Jo'shen, almost 9 years ago

        The reasons I ask is that the % increase are all relative. If you're looking at a UX Designer topping 120k, it's good to ask why a senior designer would make $110k on the low end.

        It would make sense that a UX Designer goes from 80k - 120k, and then a senior designer goes anything above 120k, yeah?

        What we do at DC is define set salary increases per year that adjust for both inflation + as a raise based on experience, as well as increase of caps to salaries depending on seniority within the organization. In that way there's no guessing.

        Living costs per city are definitely a factor when you look at salaries between a lot of cities in the States. Here's a good gauge other than Indeed: Angel List

        I'd recommend looking past SF. Good Luck!

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