Sketch to After Effects Again

almost 7 years ago from , UI/UX Designer

I've been trying a bunch of different ways of getting Sketch to play nice with After Effects. Thought I'd post what I've found here and see if anybody has any new solutions to this workflow.

So far the best solution I can find is to export Sketch artboard as .eps file. Then I open the .eps in Illustrator and export that file as .psd. This seems to do a good job of preserving the quality and layout of the file, but layer naming and clipping masks are pretty messy. Some icons will disappear if too many masks are used.

I'm wondering if anybody has either a better workflow to this problem and/or some good advice or plugins on how to keep layers/groups clean and organized when surfing between the Sketch to Adobe eco-systems.

And if any of you genius Sketch plugin makers figure this workflow out, you should make it a paid and expensive plugin.