• Eliot SlevinEliot Slevin, over 8 years ago

    Ah, HoursTracker. When I landed my first freelance design client ever, I realised I needed to track my hours somehow. I wanted an app instead of a desktop solution, so I searched on the app store, and figured ehh lets use this.

    It was easy enough to start clocking time, I added my client as a job and away I went. 21 days later, it popped the money question. At the time I think it was priced at $12NZD or something, which is more than I'd ever have spent on an app, but I found it easier to part with the $12 when I had hundreds of unpaid work logged in the app, and I was just about to start work to earn more money. I guess a good sales pitch is mostly about timing.

    So I stuck with it. I've used it heaps but I still find some pain points, mainly with invoices, but it's worked enough that I haven't had to change yet.

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  • Emile-Victor PortenartEmile-Victor Portenart, over 8 years ago

    Interesting article, thanks for sharing!

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