• Joe LipperJoe Lipper, almost 7 years ago

    Similar logo (and name) to freshbooks http://www.freshbooks.com/

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    • Julian LloydJulian Lloyd, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

      What’s more,

      The logo appears to be an unmodified glyph from Entypo.


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    • Andrew LucasAndrew Lucas, almost 7 years ago

      I wouldn't say the use of a leaf makes it similar, not enough to call out. It's not even in the same style. You could say the same thing about Envato too.

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  • Gabriel GarridoGabriel Garrido, almost 7 years ago

    I like its simplicity and how straight to the point it is. That being said, it reads just like any other Wordpress agency theme. I know the style has become a trend among agencies, but why not add a few details here and there that add some of your agency's personality to it? Perhaps show some form of value proposition besides the quality of your work, something that will make potential clients look forward to handling one of their projects to you. Great work!

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  • Henrique Alves, almost 7 years ago

    Random comment here (: I thought the quote "Simplicity is the..." was from Michelangelo?

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  • Kevin MartinKevin Martin, almost 7 years ago

    Loved everything but the weird slant on the exposed menu.

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  • Kurt Cunningham, almost 7 years ago

    Might have been said already, but I feel like the menu button is really hard to touch on a mobile phone. I understand that this is a typical place to put this action, but on the iPhone 6 and 6 plus and a few new Android phones, this spot is virtually impossible to touch if you use one hand. I like how Google's Material design suggests putting the button in the lower right or left. It is not distracting and is much more accessible. Worth looking into maybe...

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  • Narek KhachNarek Khach, almost 7 years ago

    I dig it -- especially because my agency also emphasizes simple + sophistication (we're called Simplitial).

    My favorite thing about your site is the primary navigation. Beautifully done.

    The only thing that bothers me is that you have a 3-column and a 4th item that falls in the next row. I would opt to add 2 more items, or somehow remove that 4th. Keep it simple :)

    See here for my reference to 3-col: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9lh2mqkofntu9w6/Screenshot%202015-01-05%2010.10.34.png

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  • Luke Whitehouse, almost 7 years ago

    As a more techy look at the site, how did you find the experience of creating it with Angular? Would be a nice blog post!

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  • Michael Cavalea, almost 7 years ago

    nice work on the menu. also diggin the hover effect on the CTA buttons

    content is presented in largely the same way (grids/blocks) across the site, but it all looks nice and clean.

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  • David DarnesDavid Darnes, almost 7 years ago

    I like it, not the most exciting design but certainly clean and functional.

    The only thing I'd pick out is that the angled line doesn't reach the top on tall displays, I realise this is an edge case but I'm sure it can be quickly solved. It appears to be an angled :before pseudo element, making that a bit wider should fix this easily.

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