• Vince SpeelmanVince Speelman, over 8 years ago

    Reminder: if you're using lorem ipsum / a font like this, you're doing your product/client/etc a disservice. Use the actual content and/or real data whenever possible.

    What if I'm sitting around waiting for content from my boss?

    my example from HN of how to fix this:

    This is your own fault. You've made your "boss" believe that you can complete designs without content for so long that he now expects it. You should try re-framing the conversation. Something like:


    BOSS: "We need this design for our new sprocket page as soon as possible - We're going to market in two weeks and need a landing page for our Google AdWords campaign"

    YOU: "Awesome! The new sprocket is going to be huge for our company. What would you really like to focus on for this page? I want to make sure to prominently feature the most important things."

    BOSS: excitedly lists a dozen things

    YOU: Wow - this thing is really great. It's going to be a huge benefit to our customers. How can we show them the three things they're going to react to instantly?

    BOSS: "Well my favorite is the gizmosis feature. It makes it so you don't have to flim-flam any more!"

    YOU: "Woah. That's really cool! I'll make sure that is billed highly. Anything else you can thing of that sticks out in your mind?"

    BOSS: "That's the only thing that sticks out. I do have this detailed list of features here"

    YOU: "Please do send that to me - I'll try to make some sense of it. If you think of anything else really important, just email it over to me. I'm going to start putting all of these features into the design tomorrow morning - so make sure you let me know by the end of the day! I can't wait to get this page up for our clients to see - it's going to be a huge win."

    BOSS: "Excellent. I'll send over any additional thoughts I have with that document right now. Thanks."


    Framing the conversation is important. Seeing yourself as the boss's advocate is important. You're working toward the same goal. The content is more important than your design. Accept that.

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    • Murat MutluMurat Mutlu, over 8 years ago

      What happens in real life

      YOU: "Boss, have you got that copy for the site?"

      BOSS: "I'm still waiting for a reply from the client, they are waiting for sign off from their legal team. No point of putting anything in until then, it'll just end up getting changed"

      YOU: "Cool!" opens Twitter

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    • Dean HaydenDean Hayden, over 8 years ago

      Wireframes isn't the time to start using real content;

      BOSS:"Great job on the wireframes but you need to change the mission statement from 'Europe' to 'Worldwide'"

      …after making a lot of copy changes to the wireframes you actually get to do some design work and present initial ideas;

      BOSS:"That title didn't split on to two lines on the wireframe, make it fit on one line"

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  • Hawke BassignaniHawke Bassignani, over 8 years ago

    I used one of these redacted/block-style typefaces in a round of client mockups once.

    It took much longer to explain to them what it was than it ever took to just say, “Ignore the text; it's jibberish to focus us on the design itself.”

    I.e. these fonts can sometimes make things harder.

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  • frank kolodziejfrank kolodziej, over 8 years ago

    See also: Redacted: A Font for Web and Desktop

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    • Ege GörgülüEge Görgülü, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

      I feel that Blokk's character widths and word spacing is just too large. I always end up fine tuning the blokk texts.

      Redacted seems much better at those. Thanks for that.

      Edit: Seems like that was the exact reason why Redacted exists in the first place. Good to know that I wasn't alone on this :)

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  • Victor WareVictor Ware, over 8 years ago

    Too heavy

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  • ChrisArchitec t, over 8 years ago


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  • Pauli OjalaPauli Ojala, over 8 years ago


    What's the license? I'm wondering if it's ok to redistribute the font e.g. within an app.

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  • Catalin CimpanuCatalin Cimpanu, over 8 years ago

    WOW.... 6th time is a charm


    Just plow through those duplicate link warnings.... they're there just for people like me anyway...

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  • Kat ☺, over 8 years ago

    I considered using this but it's kind of important, a lot of the time, to show the design/formatting of the type. Unless you're doing wireframes. This has the ability to make a design look vaaaaastly different to final product because thick clean blocks look a lot different to type.

    Still, I love it. I'll use it for wireframes and my own personal stuff.

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  • Joe Blau, over 8 years ago

    I used blokk on this template which is on Dribbble. The reason I chose blokk is because I actually had product text on the site, but the project isn't ready to be revealed.

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  • Jason LiJason Li, over 8 years ago

    How about for clients that do not understand blocks? Seriously though, I've used blocks and lorem ipsum and get questioned on both :(

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