• Grant McAllister, 8 years ago

    In a bid to improve my writing, I want to share more of my thoughts as posts - Medium seems like a great resource for this.

    Please hit me with your brutally honest feedback on the content, style and grammar :)

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    • E BensleyE Bensley, 8 years ago

      As a way to share your thoughts medium is fantastic, but if your aim is to improve your writing, may I suggest more long form structure. Go for some essay or detailed structure posts about each of the aspects you wrote about, each would make a fascinating read! I think I might join you, no secret that my writing isn't fantastic either, great initiative.

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      • Grant McAllister, 8 years ago

        Hey Ewen,

        You are totally right, as a first post I took the easy way out and played it really safe.

        I'm hoping to spend more time writing longer posts in more of an essay style, something thought provoking hopefully.

        Be sure to share what you are writing as well, it would be cool to follow and see other people purposefully improving their writing throughout the year.

        Happy New Year, G

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