• Sean O'GradySean O'Grady, over 8 years ago


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  • Dan CortesDan Cortes, over 8 years ago

    Hey, it's the same as last year's list. Also, I love how these lists always include typography, for some reason.

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    • Simon EvansSimon Evans, over 8 years ago

      Came here to say the same thing; how the hell can typography and perhaps even scrolling be trends...

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  • Chris ColemanChris Coleman, over 8 years ago

    Top 2015 web design trend: pixels. Literally everyone will be using pixels to display their work in 2015. Mark my words.

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    • Chris NewtonChris Newton, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

      Yeah, but my pixel’s smaller than your pixel! And my pixels make words and pictures — that changes everything!

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  • Thomas SchrijerThomas Schrijer, over 8 years ago

    Wait, isn‘t this the list for 2014?

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  • Nick HNick H, over 8 years ago

    Scrolling, Typography


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  • Kai HuangKai Huang, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

    How is scrolling a trend???


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    • Karl SanderKarl Sander, over 8 years ago

      To me that is the only one on that list that makes some sense. For the past year or a little more, the style mentioned in the first point, with a large background that spans the viewport height and designing for "the fold" in general have become popular.

      Fairly recently theres been been popular backlash like Everyone Scrolls and There is no page fold and another one i can’t remember right now. These are recent enough to maybe forecast a trend based on them.

      My personal favorite is:

      "Responsive design calls for a ‘lean back’ content that will improve more substantive content.“


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  • Jeff HorschJeff Horsch, over 8 years ago

    "A prominent tag line and a ghost button along with an elegant image is the winning recipe for a unique website."

    If you want a unique website, you shouldn't be using all the trends. At least in my opinion.

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  • Ed AdamsEd Adams, over 8 years ago

    [insert comment about how Material Design should be confined to Google products only]

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  • Keyur ShahKeyur Shah, over 8 years ago

    Design trends from 2014 will continue to rule. The only thing missing out is minimalism and card design.

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  • Miguel Solorio, over 8 years ago

    These types of articles are starting to get really old and repetitive.

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  • Paul BamfordPaul Bamford, over 8 years ago

    The longer you spend in the job the more annoying these articles become. That goes for most sources of info, be it blogs, tools or books. They just get less relevant once you learn (and continue to learn) the core principles of what you do.

    Trend predictions can almost always be retitled 'What's happened over the last 2 years?' or 'What's a fundamental part of my job?'. And we still talk about trends.

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  • Daniel KorpaiDaniel Korpai, over 8 years ago

    I also miss the card concept and the minimalistic approach.

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  • Rick KhannaRick Khanna, over 8 years ago

    I want to see someone really go out on a limb and just pick some crazy stuff just for the hell of it.

    2015 biggest trends? Circular navigation. ALL CAPS. Progress bars that go from right to left. Diagonal scrolling. .net domain names.

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  • Chris NewtonChris Newton, over 8 years ago

    Has anyone done a proper A/B test on the “ghost button” style?

    I’m guessing it causes a 25–50% drop in conversion rate relative to a typical solid CTA button using a distinctive colour, but real data would be interesting.

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