[Help] Trying to find an article regarding selects, radios, checkboxes on Mobile / Touch Devices

almost 9 years ago from , Front End Developer & Web Design

I've searched high and low through my evernote, feedly, email, oldschool bookmarks, and google and can't seem to find this article I read a while back. I have one ongoing, long term client who consistently demands checkboxes and dropdowns EVERYWHERE on their tablet UIs. I would like to send them this article or pull screenshots from it as evidence that I'm just a weirdo who has an irrational hatred of using traditional form inputs on touch devices.

These are things I remember:

It was a good article. It was in the style of "how/why we redesigned out app without checkboxes/radios/selects..." It had lots of screenshots. This one's a bit foggy, but I swear they used like # of bedrooms as an example of one thing that would've traditionally been a dropdown but instead they used range sliders or had the user tap "{0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5+}" Because of the above, I thought it may have been from Zillow, but I also use the Zillow app a lot so I may have just realized they do the same thing.

If anyone knows of or can find this article, I would be eternally grateful. Articles of the same vein are obviously appreciated.

Thanks DN!