ASK DN: More Robust Solution of RedPen.io

over 8 years ago from , Designer at Chef'n

Hey, my name is Chris and I work for a Seattle based company called Chef'n that designs kitchen products. I am 1 of 3 graphic/packaging designers.

My company has 2 catalogs to edit every year. There is a 30 page pricelist in the back with tons of room for error so we send it to 2 people in 3 different departments to cross check it.

Right now the solution is to send 6 copies printed out, which means when it's time to edit the designer has to go through 6 copies to make sure they did all the changes.

I found RedPen which is great for apps, but it doesn't handle a 30 page PDF well because I have to make them into PNG slides and upload seperately.

Features I Need: - Upload a PDF - Flip through all pages so it feels like a PDF - Individual colors/names for each commenter - Collectively store all the comments so their is only 1 source - Simple

Thanks so much DN, I will give everyone my eternal love if y'all can recommend a solution to me.