How do you capture and manage ideas?

9 years ago from , UX Designer at Cognoa.com and www.jessl.am

Currently I use a Google Spreadsheet and share ideas with friends via email or over coffee. I'm wondering what tools others use to manage this process.


  • Clinton HalpinClinton Halpin, 9 years ago

    I have a Github repo for all of my ideas! Open source all the way!


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    • Matt Smadner, 9 years ago

      I am thinking about moving my entire life into github.

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    • Jess Lam, 9 years ago

      Great ideas and admire the approach. Like the "5 Days in a Row" for engineers and designers.

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  • David BarkerDavid Barker, 9 years ago

    I use Evernote to keep written (typed) ideas, and Ember to collect the things that inspire me. Simple, but has worked well so far, and they both sync with my iOS devices.

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  • Wes OudshoornWes Oudshoorn, 9 years ago

    I actually worked on a startup (http://idealistic.co) to manage ideas a while back. I always kept my ideas in a Google Drive document, but I found myself sharing loads of them with people over coffee or dinner.

    I thought about keeping them in a todo app such as Wunderlist, but the whole premise of having ideas on a todo list felt wrong. I do not want to execute all of my ideas, I want to keep them so I can read them and connect dots to create new ideas.

    I also want to share lists when I am in need of generating ideas with another person or team.

    We started building on http://idealistic.co but found it hard to create a model to make money over this. We were also busy working on loads of other things, so we put it in the Icebox for now.

    I would be curious what you all would think makes an idea management app useful as a standalone product, as opposed to a todo list or general note-taking app.

    TLDR: Use Google Drive document right now, but worked on a product to scratch my own itch.

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    • Jess Lam, 9 years ago

      A product that helps make ideas actionable would be useful as a stand alone product. For continued use the product would need to be able to make all types of ideas actionable. Anything from business plans to poems.

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  • Alexey Khamarkhanov, 9 years ago

    Pinterest to rule them all.

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  • Nick SchadenNick Schaden, 9 years ago

    When an idea strikes it goes into one of several buckets:

    • Drafts 4 is great for jotting down quick thoughts. I love how I can customize virtually every aspect of the entry process (typography, color, custom keyboard row). And of course it's designed for exporting that content virtually anywhere, which for me most cases is a simple Dropbox folder of plain text files.

    • Wunderlist is more for a tiny idea that I want to noodle on later. I'll write a quick note to "explore X later" in my inbox, maybe add a specific reminder date or due date to revisit.

    • Dropvox is a slick little audio recording tool for the rare case where an extended voice memo works best.

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  • Account deleted 9 years ago

    I use Enotus http://enot.us

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  • Liam VLiam V, 9 years ago

    +1 for Evernote. We actually have a grouped repository at Tone, such a great resource now after a couple years - interesting to look back in time at how trends change.

    Whatever happened to 'metro'? ;)

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  • Mordechai Levi, 9 years ago

    I use a mashup of Vesper, sticky notes, and a dotted notebook for quick sketching.

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  • Jaime SelvaJaime Selva, 9 years ago

    Podio (using my own App) & Evernote

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  • Ben GillenwaterBen Gillenwater, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    Depends if I'm working on an idea by myself or with my team.

    By myself - Evernote

    With my team - getspeakup.com for internal/private stuff, or probs.io otherwise.

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