Ask DN: Apps/Sites for Shared Mood Boards

over 8 years ago from , Unfold

Our team had been using Pinterest to create & share private mood/inspiration boards for projects, but recently Pinterest has been really buggy with sharing/inviting others (unable to find users, or accept invites) to the private boards to the point that it's become a moot tool.

What does your team use to share boards like this? We're currently testing Dragdis and thinking of testing out Dropmark. Any other apps, sites, extensions, etc that you could recommend to us?

Thanks in advance.


  • Luke ChesserLuke Chesser, over 8 years ago

    Try http://gomoodboard.com/ if you're looking for a one-off board to share with your team or clients.

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  • Brian Pensinger, over 8 years ago

    Try niice.co

    I have tried it before and liked it a lot. I was used Inboard for a while but it seems they have folded (no activity on twitter and their website is down).

    I am going to go back to Niice I think.

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    • Peter Deltondo, over 8 years ago

      Ya, one of our team members uses Niice, it looks like they recently added private teams, so we'll be checking that out! Thanks!

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