• Andreas BrixenAndreas Brixen, over 8 years ago

    Well done! The only gripe I have is the text size. A bit too small for my taste :)

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  • Gonçalo MoraisGonçalo Morais, over 8 years ago

    Good looking but confusing.

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  • Earl CarlsonEarl Carlson, over 8 years ago

    Might be rendering issues on my screen, but on a cinema display in Chrome the text is looking a bit fuzzy. Again, might be my machine, might be some weird subpixel stuff.


    Other than that, really solid work man!

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    • Joris Rigerl, over 8 years ago


      I'm using 3d CSS transforms to translate the text on hover. Because of that, webkit doesn't display it as vector, but as a bitmap texture to do hardware acceleration and the aliasing occurs. There are workarounds for this and I'm currently trying to find the best solution and implement it ASAP.

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  • Kyle MitchellKyle Mitchell, over 8 years ago

    Looks great, first thing i noticed, is be careful and consistent how you write your write-ups. At points you say, "I" and others you say "we"

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    • Joris Rigerl, over 8 years ago

      Thanks. The reason why I'm mixing "I" and "we" is because I wanted to highlight which part of the process were more team-driven and which parts I worked on mostly by myself. Gonna take another look to make it read more consistent.

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      • Kyle MitchellKyle Mitchell, over 8 years ago

        I totally hear you, but it's your portfolio, so you could always rewrite it like, "the team and I ..."

        and that would keep it consistent.

        nice work!

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        • Andy SmithAndy Smith, over 8 years ago

          Agreed, "we" is too ambiguous in most circumstances. You're assuming the reader knows who this we is. Apart from that, I really like the style and execution - some animations are slow on my iPhone 4ss, but that's probably my phone?

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  • Joel CalifaJoel Califa, over 8 years ago

    This is beautiful. Love the subtle background and animations. Everything feels right and balanced. Very impressed.

    I agree with Ege that the personal section threw me off. I thought you were showing really old work at first.

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  • Martin LeBlancMartin LeBlanc, over 8 years ago

    Great work, Joris!

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  • Jan LehtinenJan Lehtinen, over 8 years ago

    Like how the navigation and overall layout gives a good personal touch/feeling to the site. Good job

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  • Matt SistoMatt Sisto, over 8 years ago

    This is great. Very well done!

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  • Ege GörgülüEge Görgülü, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

    I think you need to differentiate the personal info section on the nav/homepage a bit. I thought your name was the name of a project because they are in the same list.

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  • Oliver JohnstonOliver Johnston, over 8 years ago

    Domain is on point!

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  • Leon van den BergLeon van den Berg, over 8 years ago

    Really slick. Nice batman shirt btw

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  • Jeremy WeiJeremy Wei, over 8 years ago

    Nice job

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  • Steve Celestin, over 8 years ago

    Great site Joris! Good use of animation and clean presentation of each project. I bumped up the size of the text one level for readibility (even though I like things small).

    Are you using your portfolio to convey who you are or what your skills are? I'd say if it's the latter you might want to consider moving your about link to the end of the list; maybe with a different visual treatment.

    But those are the only potential wrinkles I saw. Your site is visually compelling and consistent. A very nice experience!

    My favorite part is how the menu/hamburger button flicks you off when you click it. :3

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  • Keira BuiKeira Bui, over 8 years ago

    Nice but kinda confusing to me. It takes some time to know how it works.

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  • Ben GoldBen Gold, over 8 years ago

    Good URL. Didn't even know that one existed.

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  • Jeff EscalanteJeff Escalante, over 8 years ago

    Why monospace font? It's harder to read paragraphs of text in this font, easier to read code. But this is paragraphs of text and not code, so I don't understand why not use a serif font. Especially because this is a design portfolio, it seems like that would be an easy decision.

    Also, unless you are a baby, it would make sense to put a picture of yourself in your current state on the about page rather than a baby photo : )

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  • Daniel WinterDaniel Winter, over 8 years ago

    well done.

    the only thing i'd point out is that some of the animations don't work that well. but thats being very picky.

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  • Account deleted over 8 years ago

    Also agree about making your personal section in the menu look a little different. My only other issue (and it's kind of a small one) is that once I've chosen a project - to go to another it felt kind of awkward to click the burger and wait for a few transitions, to select the next one. I kind of wish that once you select one project, there is a easier way to jump to others.

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