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almost 9 years ago from , front-end design/shopify optimization

What is the best way to find a mentor, specifically for web design? I'm a front-end web designer and I have taken tons of online courses. But I always find myself in need of a more experienced designer to bounce questions/ideas off of. Or someone to look through my code and evaluate it and provide feedback.

I'm from Upstate NY suburbs so it's not a very tech-heavy area, compared to California or NYC


  • C___ F_____C___ F_____, almost 9 years ago

    Just tweet & email people, you'll find somebody who's open to grabbing a coffee sometime and you can move forwards from there

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  • Satish Kumar, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    I think best way to getting mentor is connecting people in designer news or somewhere else and Discussing problem with them so you can get idea and different perspectives. Because we can't get mentors(web or any) easily. We have to create finding ways to get a mentor.

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  • Tom CreightonTom Creighton, almost 9 years ago

    I'd love to have this for myself too, but I'm also interested in playing this role for others. It's not easy to find someone willing to be your go-to "sounding board" guy, from either side.

    That said, if you're ever in Toronto and want to meet up, hit me up. (That goes for anybody else in and around TO, too).

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