• Erik TerwanErik Terwan, over 8 years ago

    At first i really hated the change to Helvetica Neue, and was looking for a tool like this. But it actually grew on me, and with anti-aliasing turned off in the System Preferences i quite like it now.

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    • Abram Goglanian, over 8 years ago

      That was a good tip to turn off anti-aliasing, I hadn't thought of that. It does help considerably on my 15" MBP (since I didn't want the retina when I bought it in 2012).

      That being said I do think Lucida Grande does actually look pretty nice as a UI font, but it wouldn't be consistent with iOS and simultaneously somehow doesn't feel very "Apple" (for what that's worth).

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  • florian fangohr, over 8 years ago

    For non-retina machines and anyone with an aversion to the new look.

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  • Daniel ClellandDaniel Clelland, over 8 years ago

    Is anyone else half expecting them to swap Helvetica out for their new Apple Watch font eventually anyway?

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    • Elliott ReganElliott Regan, over 8 years ago

      Not really, but it might look fun. They designed that font for small (tiny) screens, and to give it a sporty, trendy feel. I don't think that either of those are appropriate for OS X.

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    • florian fangohr, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

      The apple watch font is designed for legibility at small sizes with very wide tracking (which helps produce a larger touch area as well), but I don't think it's suitable as a system font.

      It may come into play when they want to portrait something very industrial looking—I think the iPhone camera uses it—but I doubt it'll play a major roll on lap/desktops.

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  • Tom WoodTom Wood, over 8 years ago

    Isn't change just awful.

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  • Tom NorrisTom Norris, over 8 years ago

    Looking forward to a similar fix to replace all system icons. The default dock looks like a neon nightmare...

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  • Khaled Islam BouyaKhaled Islam Bouya, over 8 years ago

    And if I want to get back to the Helvetica?

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  • c kizerc kizer, over 8 years ago

    Turn off anti-aliasing for sure!

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  • c kizerc kizer, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

    I've been using Yosemite in beta for about 6 months. I hated Helvetica for the first month. Now I couldn't go back to mavericks. Yes the helvetica feels more impersonal. Give it time. Like at least a month. It will get better. Also turn off font smoothing! (antialiasing on retina displays)

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  • Ricky SynnotRicky Synnot, over 8 years ago

    Hahahah, hahah, So much DN lols. This morning I was going to make this big rant about how unnecessary this is...

    Then I installed Yosemite

    Then I looked at it on my expensive Cinema display

    Then I came straight to this post and installed.

    Crazy how bad the new OS is on "older" @1x monitors. Crazy!

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