• Christopher HenriksenChristopher Henriksen, almost 9 years ago

    Reminds me of IGN and the way text goes blurry on hover in the news stream makes me sad. Image alt

    Poking around a bit more makes me think that a lot of stuff on this page is just put there because of someone saying: Wow guys, look what I can do with this piece of code. Like the reviews where the score is show upon loading the page, but then replaced straight after with an animation overshooting the actual score before going back. Image alt

    On a positive note, I like how they have kept the actual content fairly clean and uncluttered. Oh no, nevermind, paused adblock for a second and now I see what all that nice, clean space is actually used for.

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    • Edwin de Jongh, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

      Haha, yeah it's definitely erratic in terms of design. There's a lot of quality stuff in there, but then there's a lot of overengineered interactions in there as well. I'm not quite sure what to really think of it so far, although it's definitely a lot better than it used to be.

      I think IGN and Gamespot really hit the mark in terms of sleek gaming websites.

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      • Christopher HenriksenChristopher Henriksen, almost 9 years ago

        It feels a bit unpolished at the moment, but definitely one of the better ones, as it steers away from the typical "gamer"-look.

        Using IGN on my iPad is a surprisingly enjoyable experience. Decent to navigate, fast and without any unexpected navigational patterns.

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