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    Show it and explain your role - at a minimum make your position clear somehow by placing it near the image (i.e.: Front-End Developer).

    In the end, any interviewer worth their salt will ask you your role in a particular project anyways - even if you post it.

    Oh, just make sure the stuff you show can be made public. For example, it wouldn't be very smart to show screens for a product or campaign that isn't public yet. Use common sense.

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    • Carlos MañasCarlos Mañas, almost 9 years ago

      Well explained! :)

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    • Chad EngleChad Engle, almost 9 years ago

      Definitely agree with everything Benjamin says!

      It's also ok to show projects that you worked on but, didnt see the light of day. There's still value in your creative process and a ton of learning lessons from those that others can gain knowledge from on how you design & think. Just make a note on why it wasn't used and even with you don't agree with the decision, try to find the business case on why it ultimately wasn't used...

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