• Ben LeeBen Lee, almost 9 years ago

    I recently booked a flight through Virgin's new UI — found it extremely usable. It was definitely a pleasant experience vs. other airlines.

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  • Joris RigerlJoris Rigerl, almost 9 years ago

    I'm a firm believer that a little humor goes a long way. While it's very easy to get carried away, I don't think that Virgin has crossed the line there. As long as it gets the job done (which it seems to do), there's no problem in having a little bit of a laugh with it.

    A really great example would be the way Timehop phrases their Push Notifications you get every day. Sure, they could simply hit you with the first piece of content, but instead they make sure to always cram a witty joke in there. Since I need to open the app to read the content in any case, I'd much rather wake up to a delightful message on my screen.

    People forget too easily that User Experience isn't just made up of the usability of the interface. There's so much more that factors into it.

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  • Jodi WarrenJodi Warren, almost 9 years ago

    Doesn't look unusable to me. Booking a ticket is a crucial interaction that airlines have with customers, and it's pretty smart to distinguish yourself that way. Don't know if it's going to be successful, but it's definitely memorable.

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  • Keira BuiKeira Bui, almost 9 years ago

    Actually I like it. It makes booking more fun and delightful. I'm not a fan of that color palette though.

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  • Annie RuygtAnnie Ruygt, almost 9 years ago

    I'll have to try it before I judge it, but the picture tells me nothing- I mean what is going on there?!

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  • Jayson HobbyJayson Hobby, almost 9 years ago

    Echoing everyone here. This is one of the best experiences on the web right now.

    What's even more interesting to me is the overwhelming opinion on Twitter vs. here on DN. Funny stuffs.

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  • Sam GarsonSam Garson, almost 9 years ago

    Whether or not it's too 'fun' so that it alienates certain audiences is different discussion, but looks pretty usable to me.

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