• Ian GoodeIan Goode, 8 years ago

    I have a sense of anxiety when I’m not actively planning out the next ‘thing’ in my life. The next thing never happens though, because I’m too busy trying to figure out exactly what it should be, and how I should do it, and who would join in, what implications it could have on my life, and what holes I can poke through my plans to sabotage them before they get off the ground.

    Wow, can identify with pretty much all of that blog post. Except I'll go as far as starting the next 'thing' for a couple of weeks, before starting to float towards something else.

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  • Account deleted 8 years ago

    I can relate to so much of this, sadly!

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  • Bardan Gauchan, 8 years ago

    Hits a little too close to home :(

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  • Ryan McLaughlinRyan McLaughlin, 8 years ago

    Definitely rings true for a lot of people. Personally I've found that this type of thinking exists when my job isn't as fulfilling as it should be. It's really just a symptom of boredom.

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  • John LockeJohn Locke, 8 years ago

    It's jarring when we realize we can miss 80% of these things and be no worse off. Time is your only non-renewable resource. Don't squander it.

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